Bumpie Tip of the Week: How to Deal With Morning Sickness

March 2, 2017
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Are you a mom-to-be that is having a tough time with morning sickness or know someone in the same boat? Bumpies on the First Trimester Board in The Bump Community share their favorite products for managing morning sickness (and even suggest gifting a pregnancy basket of goodies to those that need a little help!):

“My suggestion would be to maybe do those one use toothbrushes, gum, bottled water, hand sanitizer, lip gloss and things like that.” – Manateearmz

“The best thing I’ve found is lemon heads (or any candy that contains real lemon/juice). Not a clue why they work, but they have been a life saver this past week.” – MrsAdventure

“Just 1-2 slices of dried mango every hour totally killed my all-day nausea. “ – abcmom2

“I used sea sickness bands and I swear they helped. Zofran’s the only thing that worked for good though." – DasiyBlinks

“Lemonade has been a life saver! Because of the sugar in pre-made I’ve been making a batch of homemade and sipping on it during the day. It really does settle the stomach.” – Foodieforlife

“I keep hearing that these Ginger Chews from Trader Joe’s are amazing.” – RC1014

“Lemon heads, sour patch kids (only some of the flavors. and that changes day to day…), frozen grapes, red gatorade with tons of crushed ice and mixed with gingerale.” – sm640739

“You can also get disposable pregnancy sickness bags (I almost always carry some type of bag with me in case I feel pukey).” – minnie47mouse

“Watermelon helped with both my pregnancies. I would eat it all day to help not feel sick. Might be hard to stick in a basket though.” - SandFHasse

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