Bumpie Tip of the Week: Summer Travel With Baby

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Updated March 2, 2017
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What to pack:

“Bring the obvious stuff: Diapers, wipes, butt cream, clothes.  Take anything you currently use for the bedtime routine (white noise machine, swaddler, blankets).  If you’re driving, you could also fit a stroller, boppy or bouncy chair.  If you bring a Pack 'n Play, bring sheets for the mattress.” -Jenny952

“Not all rest stops have a diaper changing station, so make sure you have a mat or something to use as backup.” -thebretanfam

“Bring a thermometer, pediatricians’ number (if not already programmed in your cell), and Tylenol. You never know…” -jb2rn

“When packing, invest in a box of gallon-sized Ziploc baggies.  Put each day’s full outfit (onesies, pants, socks, hat, etc.) into a bag, and label it if you desire. This is a huge time saver!” -CurlingRocks

“Pack a few extra blankets—things get gross and dirty.” -efsNYC13

“Bring large Ziploc bags. If you don’t, I promise you’ll have at least two blow-out diapers and have no place to put the clothing.” -hocus

If you’re driving…

“Make sure baby has a clean diaper and is fed within 20 minutes of leaving. If I wait any longer than that, she will get fussy and not fall asleep once we get on the road.” -thebretanafam

“I’m sure alot depends on your baby, but expect it to take longer than usual. We just went to my mom’s house, which is usually a 5 1/2 hour trip, and it took us 7 hours. Our son eats every 2 hours, so we had to stop alot more than usual.” -hway24

“Sit in the back with baby, that way you can soothe her and give her pacifier or whatever is needed.” -manchipollard

If you’re flying…

“We fed baby when the plane was taking off and landing (the sucking helps with their ears). I kept my son up all morning so he was exhausted and fell asleep as soon as he was done eating and didn’t wake up until the plane landed. Also, check with your airline—all of our baby stuff (stroller, car seat, pack and play) flew for free!” -zina0323

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“For the flight, I breastfed her but also brought along a couple of pre-sterilized bottles and cartons of ready-to-use formula. Pacifiers were a godsend.” -gatsbygirl

“I recommend a variety of little toys (make sure you bring the non-noise making toys), so you can switch toys throughout the plane ride if the baby is bored. A small blanket is key because it gets cold on the plane.” -TriciaandSean

Still have questions about traveling with baby? Ask the moms on our Babies 9-12 Months message board.

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