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Q&A: Changing Table Safety?

Are there any specific safety measures I need to take when changing diapers?

The most important way to keep your baby safe on the changing table: Make sure she doesn't fall off. This may sound silly, but we definitely get phone calls about babies who roll off the bed or changing table... before their parents even think they can roll! Never leave a baby unattended. It's also important to make sure all  creams and medicines are out of reach. You never know what they will try to put into their mouths.

Safety measures for grown-ups definitely include shielding yourself from a potential shower — both boy and girl babies have been know to spray their parents with pee and poop! But seriously, it is very important to wash your hands well after changing and handling diapers. Bacteria that normally live in the gut and are sometimes found in stool can cause diseases when ingested by mouth. So, if you have even microscopic traces of fecal matter on your hands when handling food, you and your entire family can get sick.

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