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Cute DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Need some inspiration for baby’s Halloween costume? These kids’ clever parents shared some seriously adorable creations you won’t find in stores.

Dora and Boots

Come on, vamanos! It’s time to get some candy. While a Boots costume might require some sewing skills, all you really need for Dora is a wig and a backpack.


Photo: TheMomBot via Instagram

Fuzzy Fox

What does the fox say? How about “trick-or-treat!” This mom clued us in: The speech bubble includes all of this toddler’s favorite phrases.


Photo: MeganHoeppner via Instagram

Petite Peanut

This is such a fun way to incorporate the carrier into the costume. Is there a baby in a Cracker Jack costume nearby?


Photo: CathelineAmos via Instagram

Smarty Pants

A DIY nerd costume is always a hit — and it’s super-easy. Just put baby in dress-up clothes and add a bow tie and glasses.


Photo: LoveAlwaysRM via Instagram

Monsters, Inc.

This little Boo is dressed just like the girl from the movie — and her BFF Sully is by her side, of course.


Photo: LittleLady91 via Instagram

Thomas the Tank Engine

Super-crafty! Thomas is made out of cardboard. Just add a cute conductor.


Photo: RaisingBabyBoy via Instagram

Candy Corn

Matching candy corn leggings and headband? Sweet!


Photo: TutusByGayle via Instagram

Pebbles Flintstone

We love a good family-friendly costume. Bedrock better get ready for this trick-or-treater.


Photo: WhitHolt04 via Instagram

Girly Ghost

What says “boo” better than a tutu? Probably a matching headband.

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