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6 Mommy Must-Haves To Stash In Your Diaper Bag

Lets face it, after having a baby mommy can start get stir crazy while being cooped up in the house in the cycle of nursing, changing, burping, napping and repeat. Suddenly a trip to the supermarket isn't just a routine errand, it becomes an exciting adventure! However when traveling with the baby and all of the gear that comes with the little one, often times the last thing you check is whether you have all of your things together. Handbag? Check. Baby bag? Check. Bottles, diapers, wipes, binky? Check, check, check!  Keys, wallet, sunglasses? Yep, got 'em. Once all is in the car, the baby wakes up just as the engine revs and you look in the rear view mirror only to realize that you don’t have any makeup on! And your hair isn’t brushed! _The horror! _It's too much of a hassle to go back into the house or you might as well save the adventure out into the world until tomorrow. So, here's what I won't leave home without: What products do you keep on-hand at all times?