Q&A: How Likely Is a Multiple Birth if Undergoing IVF?

How likely am I to have multiples if I’m undergoing IVF?
ByKaren Moise, RN
Registered Nurse
March 2, 2017
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Just as  IVF ups your chances of getting pregnant, it also ups your chances of having more than just one baby. That’s why the rise in popularity of fertility treatments (like IVF) has so strongly impacted the rise in  multiple births over the last few decades. This tends to happen because more than one embryo is implanted in order to increase the chance of pregnancy, and multiple embryos potentially means multiple babies! In fact, IVF babies are 20 times more likely to be multiples than naturally conceived babies. Some studies say that close to half of the babies born thanks to IVF treatments are multiples. So if you’re undergoing IVF, be prepared that there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing multiples in your future (aka better start stocking up on diapers!).

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