Moms, Dress Your Babies in Cute Clothes While You Can!

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March 2, 2017
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Gwen Stefani’s kids are giving me a complex. Every time I see pics of the celeb’s young sons, Kingston and Zuma — who are close in age to my two boys — they are dressed in cool, funky outfits, much like their fashionable rocker mom. Say, a sweater vest and tiny biker boots, or skinny jeans with a skull bandana.

Whereas yesterday, my 6-year-old son was wearing his shirt inside out and backwards, along with high-water corduroy pants. The 3-year-old was wearing ripped, fingerpaint-stained sweatpants and a Batman cape. No shirt.

I have read interviews with Stefani in which she claims that she lets her sons pick out their own clothes and I think that’s great. Give the kids some freedom, foster their creativity. Nothing depresses me more than seeing other celeb babies — who shall go unnamed — looking glum and uncomfortable in monochromatic “fashion-forward” outfits because that’s what their mother’s clothing line is featuring this season. Let the kid wear a darn pink tutu, will ya?

Not that I’m against parents picking out their kids’ clothes. I have heard of some moms who always choose what their children wear, and the kids let them. I don’t live with any kids like that. Mine were fighting me on turtlenecks before they could even talk.

Like Stefani, I also let my kids choose their own outfits (obviously), but with far less fashionable results and not by choice. It’s called “ picking your battles.” I’ve had one too many knock-down, drag-out fights over khakis and collared shirts. So if it’s superhero T-shirts and sweatpants they want, then that’s what they wear. (Except to formal events, of course. Then they wear their superhero T-shirts UNDER their itchy collared shirts.) I’ve even let my toddler wear pajamas to preschool before, simply because I didn’t have the energy to overpower him. And guess what: he wasn’t the only kid there in PJs.

My advice to you moms of babies is to dress your tiny tot in cute outfits now, before they get older and have opinions. Unless, of course, they are already showing signs of being mini trendsetters like Kingston and Zuma.

Do you like dressing your baby up in cute clothes? Think it will last?

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