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New Splurge-Worthy Stokke MyCarrier Does It All

I know what you’re probably thinking. Another baby carrier?! There are a ton on the market and for the most part, they don’t seen that different from each other. But know this: In recent months, there have been some questions about the safety of certain Euro-chic baby carriers — moms are worried about baby’s legs danging in a non-seated position. Ergonomic baby carriers, in which baby’s held in a sitting position, offer more peace of mind, since baby’s situated more like mom would hold him. But some of the ergonomic carriers look too, um, crunchy for some parents. Enter the new Stokke MyCarrier, which has a sleek look and ergonomic design.

This cool baby carrier isn’t cheap (about $250), but it can be used with a child from birth up to three years. And it offers great versatility — you can wear baby on the front or your back. It also has smart details, like pockets for your keys and a sun shade for baby. Not only that, it’s eco-friendly — all its fabric is organic and free of dyes and other toxic stuff. Bonus: It’s a celeb favorite — Jessica Alba and Chris Hemsworth have both been seen wearing it.

Buy the Stokke MyCarrier at Amazon.com or register for it here.

What’s your favorite baby carrier?

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
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