Our Favorite Baby Shower Games

Need some shower inspiration? Our editors share their top 5 favorite shower games.
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ByThe Bump Editors
Jul 2017
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#1: Feeling Rattled?
How to Play: For this memory game, string a clothesline across the room and hang booties, onesies, bibs, and swaddling blankets. Midway through the party, remove all the items. Then announce the game: Guests must write down, in order, all the objects that were hung from the clothesline.
Materials: Paper, pens, clothesline, and baby items.
Prize: Lavender linen spray from Crabtree & Evelyn ($15).

#2: Baby Face
How to Play: Place color headshots of mom- and dad-to-be and a sheet of paper with the outline of a baby’s head at each guest’s place setting. Ask guests to make a one-of-a-kind baby face by cutting out the eyes, ears, mouth, and other features from the photos. Have mom-to-be pick her favorite look to determine the winner.
Materials: Photos, paper, scissors, glue sticks.
Prize: A pack of colored pencils (from $9.50).

#3: Baby Bingo
How to Play: Hand out blank bingo-style cards and have guests fill in the squares with gifts they think mom-to-be will receive. As presents are opened, players check off the corresponding squares. If nobody gets a bingo, whoever predicts the most gifts correctly wins.
Materials: Bingo cards and pens.
Prize: Stack of scratch tickets.

#4: Who’s That Baby?
How to Play: Ask guests to bring a photocopy of their best baby picture to the event. Number each picture and attach them to poster board or corkboard, or hang them from a clothesline. Ask everyone to match the baby picture to the shower guest.
Materials: Board and fasteners (glue stick, tacks, or clothespins), paper, and pens.
Prize: Mini photo frame

#5: This Sucks
How to Play: Form a circle with your guests and hand everyone a baby bottle filled with water, milk, juice, soda, or beer. On the count of three, participants must suck the bottle dry as quickly as they can.
Materials: Baby bottles, liquids
Prize: Bottle of wine or six-pack of locally brewed beer.

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