Quiz: Which Stroller is Right for You
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Quiz: Which Stroller Is Right for You

Stroller shopping doesn’t have to be a headache. Just take this fun quiz to find your — and baby’s — perfect match. And get going!
1. How old is baby?
A) A newborn.
B) Not quite a one-year-old yet.
C) Over a year old
D) A toddler
2. How often are you in your car?
A) I’m in and out of it all the time. I’m always running errands around town.
B) What car? I’m more of a walker!
C) Most mornings, on the way to new-mom boot camp or to the park for a run.
D) Usually it’s for family road trips – when the trunk is packed to the gills!
3. What’s your budget?
A) Up to $600.
B) I don’t have a budget!
C) Around the $300–$500 range.
D) Less than $300.
4. Where do you live?
A) I live in a town where everything’s spread out.
B) I live in a crowded, urban environment.
C) My town is surrounded by nature – anything from mountains, beaches, parks, etc.
D) I live in the suburbs, but we take our kid out on trips a lot.
5. What’s the most important thing to you in a stroller?
A) I don’t want to have to buy another stroller when baby gets bigger.
B) I want it to have all the bells and whistles!
C) Versatility – I want to be able to take it from the grocery store to the hiking trail.
D) I want my stroller to be as no-fuss as possible, the simpler the better.
Please answer all questions first.
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