Q&A: Teething Solutions?

Help! My baby's just started teething and no matter what I do I just can't get her to stop crying. Have any tips or suggestions?
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ByBump Kaitlin
Feb 2017
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Ah, the joys of teething… we definitely feel your pain. This stage isn’t easy on anyone (least of all baby), but it’s simply unavoidable. Read on for teething tips from both experts and fellow moms, and check out our list of favorite teethers. Plus, download our teething chart, which will help you keep track of bay’s new teeth as they come in.

Q:  Teething tips? BUMPIES

Downloadable Teething Chart

Keep track of when and where baby’s teeth come in with this adorable teething chart. Print off two — one for your doctor and one for your baby book.

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