Two-Year Molars?

My two-year-old is getting his molars and he’s miserable! Is there anything we can do?
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Most toddlers get their last baby teeth (the four “second molars”) some time between 20 and 33 months. Unfortunately, cutting these teeth can be painful, since they’re some of the largest, and it can mess with your child’s sleep, keeping him up at night. Luckily the pain won’t last that long, usually just a couple of days or so.

You can give him a pain-reliever like  acetaminophen (Tylenol) or  ibuprofen (Motrin) to help reduce some of the pain. Also, give him something to gnaw on, such as a  teething ring or a cold or warm washcloth to provide some relief. Just avoid using topical medications — they can numb the back of the throat and cause difficulty swallowing.

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