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Q&A: Tips For Dealing With Teething?

Know any great ways to soothe baby when teething is making him (and me) crazy?

Common sense tells you to let baby chew on something, of course. But chew on what? Anything else you can do? What pain killers work best? We put the question out to you, and here's the great user tips we've gotten so far...

Samncarl05 (Ohio, mom to 6-month-old Lillian Grace):

"I wet a portion of a wash cloth and put it in the freezer for a 1/2 hour. I let DD chew on the wash cloth then. She loves it! The wet part is where they chew and the non wet part for them to hold, so their hands don't freeze!

Also, I heard with teething comes diaper rash so to prevent further discomfort I use A & D every diaper change.

If all else fails. Tylenol and lots of love and cuddling!"

Madhatter2003 (Virginia, mom to 6-month-old Alexandra):

"Tylenol or Motrin....Motrin lasts longer =)

Also, try using:

Cold teething rings - not frozen though. They are too hard then for her gums. I just refrigerate them.

Frozen washcloth trick

Orajel - this creates a drooly mess though!"

Molldoll71 (New Jersey, mom to 6-month-old Billy):
"I second the extra hugs and cuddles. Also he has a Nuby teething ring that he loves. "