The Best Baby Shower Games

Bored with those traditional shower games? Try some of these new ideas.
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March 2, 2017
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Choose your baby shower games carefully, and your guests will be rolling in laughter instead of rolling their eyes. Here are our five favorites along with user suggestions that are sure to liven up the party.


#1: Feeling Rattled?

How to Play: For this memory game, string a clothesline across the room and hang booties, onesies, bibs, and swaddling blankets. Midway through the party, remove all the items. Then announce the game: Guests must write down, in order, all the objects that were hung from the clothesline.
Materials: Paper, pens, clothesline, and baby items.
Prize: Lavender linen spray from Crabtree & Evelyn ($18).

#2: Baby Face

How to Play: Place color headshots of mom- and dad-to-be and a sheet of paper with the outline of a baby’s head at each guest’s place setting. Ask guests to make a one-of-a-kind baby face by cutting out the eyes, ears, mouth, and other features from the photos. Have mom-to-be pick her favorite look to determine the winner.
Materials: Photos, paper, scissors, glue sticks.
Prize: A pack of colored pencils (from $9.50).

#3: Baby Bingo

How to Play: Hand out blank bingo-style cards and have guests fill in the squares with gifts they think mom-to-be will receive. As presents are opened, players check off the corresponding squares. If nobody gets a bingo, whoever predicts the most gifts correctly wins.
Materials: Bingo cards and pens
Prize: Stack of scratch tickets

#4: Who’s That Baby?

How to Play: Ask guests to bring a photocopy of their best baby picture to the event. Number each picture and attach them to poster board or corkboard, or hang them from a clothesline. Ask everyone to match the baby picture to the shower guest.
Materials: Board and fasteners (glue stick, tacks, or clothespins), paper, and pens
Prize: Mini photo frame

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#5: This Sucks

How to Play: Form a circle with your guests and hand everyone a baby bottle filled with water, milk, juice, soda, or beer. On the count of three, participants must suck the bottle dry as quickly as they can.
Materials: Baby bottles, liquids
Prize: Bottle of wine or six-pack of locally brewed beer

For more fun ideas, check out these Bumpie favorites:

“My favorite baby shower game is the poopy diaper game. There are about 10 diapers each with different kinds of melted chocolates. Pass it around, smell it, and write down what it smells like (like Kit Kat, Snickers, and so on).” — Leis

“My fave is guessing how much string or toilet paper it’ll take to go around mommy’s belly.” — thelittlejewel

“I love the sock-matching game. The hostess of my shower and some other friends bought 60 pairs of baby socks in various sizes and designs, then mixed them up. Teams of two were each given a basket of baby socks and had to match as many as they could in 60 seconds.” — Rubygirl

“My favorite baby shower game is baby scrambler. Choose around 25 baby-related items and scramble the spelling. The winner is the one who can unscramble the most in five minutes.” — Honeybug

“The baby race obstacle course is the best! Divide guests into two teams. Set up two lightweight strollers and tables of baby dolls, diapers, baby wipes, clothes, etc. Obstacles include changing the baby doll’s dirty diaper, dressing the baby, and strapping them into the stroller for a race around a course.” — miamicubajam

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