By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated February 01, 2024

The word “cool” might invoke images of John Travolta combing his hair back for grease lightning, a jazz bar in New York, or just an adorable baby in sunglasses. Still, regardless of what imagery comes to mind, everyone can agree on one thing: baby deserves a cool name. Baby might not become a leather jacket-wearing adult, but there’s nothing cooler than staying true to your authentic self, and a cool baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name will lead them in the right direction.

Cool Baby Boy Names

The coolest thing about picking a baby boy name—besides having a little boy that needs naming!—is undoubtedly the level of uniqueness you get to inject into it! From nature to sci-fi to musical artists and everything in between, cool baby boy names have the whole world to choose from.

Cool Baby Girl Names

Growing up these days in the age of loving and embracing your truest self means your little girl is probably going to be the coolest person you’ve ever met. But even before speaking, she needs a name to identify this potential in her—enter: cool baby girl names! From unique gender-neutral selections to gorgeous femme names from novels, baby can feel at home anywhere in this list.

Popular, Cool Baby Names

If baby’s bound to ride the waves of the trends and make it still uniquely their own, a popular, cool baby name just makes sense. No matter if it’s actors, authors, or even presidents you find awe-inspiring, these names have your needs covered.

Unique, Cool Baby Names

The only thing cooler than being cool isn’t actually ice cold; it’s letting baby’s uniqueness shine through and through since the day they’re born! These names consider heritage, definitions, and muses from over the decades just for you to find baby’s perfect fit.

Cool, Creative Baby Names

If you’re looking for a cool baby name, it’s probably already a guarantee that baby’s going to grow up in a creative household. Cool, creative baby names give similar vibes to unique baby names but with just a little more eccentricity for baby’s colorful life.

Nature-Inspired, Cool Baby Names

Nature has a way of endearing itself to people; from house plants to stopping to smell the roses, these silent beauties communicate their love of mother nature with their leaves. Show baby just how to embrace the wind in the trees and the rivers cutting through the earth every day with a nature-inspired, cool baby name.
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