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6 Carriers To Help You Soothe Baby

New research today confirms what all moms already knew — carrying your baby helps soothe him!

The study, published in the Cell Press journal Current Biology, details how infants experience an automatic calming reaction upon being carried. Though the study is the first to show that the infant's calming response is a coordinated set of central, motor and cardiac regulations, moms (and moms-to-be!) didn't need the comprehensive study to tell them what they already knew — and what they already do!

But in the spirit of the research, and it's importance, we've rounded up six baby carriers moms can use to comfort their babes! Even better? These carriers are hands-free, so you can keep baby close without sprouting a third arm.

Take a peek:

Which baby carrier did you use? Which would you recommend?

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Boba Wrap

Forget about fussing with buckles, straps and buttons — the unique fabric blend and the no-guesswork tying, make the Boba a must-have for beginners and advanced babywearers alike! $38, Boba Family

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Scootababy Baby Carrier

What's not to love about a hands-free carrier? The Scootababy promotes carrying in a natural hip position, promoting face-to-face interaction and more comfortable for mamas. The wide, soft hip belt helps give you balance and support. $120, Babies 'R Us

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JJ Cole Collections Agility Stretch Carrier

Everything about the Agility Stretch Carrier oozes comfort and simplicity. It's hard to find another carrier on the market to compare. Added bonus? You can wear it multiple ways for the most in comfort as baby grows! $40, JJ Cole Collections

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Infantino Bliss Capped Sleeve Carrier

One size fits all in this cute, comfortable and totally cozy sling carrier! It's made to grow with baby, so you don't have to shop for new gear every time baby hits a milestone. $50, Babies 'R Us

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Medley Baby Carrier

Shop for the Medley Baby Carrier in the hottest colors of the season. You can wear it one of three ways for the most in comfort for you and baby. It's baby friendly, too, with a machine-washable carrier cover so you don't need to worry about a mess! $70, JJ Cole Collections

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Ergobaby Designer Baby Carrier

Get ready to travel in style! The Ergobaby Evening in Innsbruck Carrier makes the most of comfort and design. Fashioned to match the Petunia Pickle Bottom patterns, this carrier is sleek, sophisticated and most importantly — comfortable! $145, Ergobaby

By Kylie McConville