High Tech Baby Eats: BlueSmart Mia

The smartest—and easiest—way to keep track of baby's feeding.
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Nov 2018
BlueSmart Mia bottle sleeve and app
Photo: BlueSmart Mia

Keeping track of how much and how often baby eats is an ever-changing science—and it’s easy to lose all sense of ounces, times and temps when you’re in a sleep-deprived state. That’s what makes this Bluetooth-enabled bottle sleeve so cool: It takes all of the thinking and stress out of meal time, so all you have to do is prep the bottle and serve.

What we love

  • Confused about how many ounces your little one should be getting at each feeding? Enter baby’s height, weight and age and Mia will figure it out for you
  • The coordinating app lets you know exactly how much baby ate and for how long in real time, whether it’s you doing the feeding, a babysitter or daycare
  • The expiration features makes sure baby never gets bad milk or formula
  • The app can even share feeding, sleep and growth info with your pediatrician


Prep and serve the perfect bottle for your baby every time with this high-tech sleeve.

Price: $60, Amazon

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