Best Baby Utensils: Boon Benders

You can retire as dinnertime pilot; bendable utensils mean you won’t need to utter, “Here comes the airplane!” any time soon.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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There’s no way around it: When you put food in front of baby, things will get messy. But finding the right tools for the job—and baby’s grip—can make the process much easier. Boon Benders are designed to help guide food from plate to mouth no matter how baby grabs the spoon, which means less mess and more fuel for those developing motor skills.


  • Bend easily to fit as baby’s motor skills develop—use a sharper angle for early stages and straight for advanced
  • Even if baby’s brand new to utensils, the soft handles allow for an easy grip
  • After practicing with these, the transition to grown-up utensils will come more seamlessly


Utensils that adjust as baby’s motor skills develop? We’ll take a big serving of that.

Price: $6


Teaching baby to self-feed shouldn’t make your head spin. Spoon spinning, however? That we’re okay with. With its 360-degree rotating handle, this Beaba spoon always remains level—even in the grip of wobbly little hands. Once baby gets the hang of self-feeding, the twisting handle can lock to become a regular utensil, so baby and spoon can enjoy many more mess-free meals together.

Price: $8

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