The Honest Company Magnetic Bandana Bib wins the 2017 Best of Baby Award from The Bump.
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The Bump Editors

Best Bib: the Honest Company Magnetic Bandana Bib

Easy on. Easy off. It's the perfect bookend to mealtime.

At some point in baby’s early life, the bib will become your MVP. It serves as both napkin and crumb-catcher, and is an integral part of baby’s daily outfit once he or she starts teething (spoiler: there will be drool). Step up your game with The Honest Company bibs—their easy on-off magnetic snaps score major points in our book.


  • Magnets securely keep this bib in place. When baby’s done eating, all it takes is a gentle tug to take it off
  • Have a drool machine on your hands? The patterns are fashion-forward enough to leave on all day
  • The lightweight organic cotton is soft and super comfy against delicate skin


This bib proves it tackles tough messes and still looks cute—a win for parents and babies alike.

Price: $13


Photo: The Honest Company
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