The Babyletto Pure Core Mattress wins the 2017 Best of Baby Award from The Bump
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The Bump Editors

Best Crib Mattress: Babyletto Pure Core Mattress

A double-sided, waterproof mattress made from non-toxic materials? Pure genius.

A safe sleep environment for baby is, of course, top priority—and the materials in your crib mattress play a big part in that. The Pure Core bypasses PVC, vinyl, chemical flame retardants, phthalates, dyes, allergens and off-gassing materials to provide baby with a non-toxic sleep surface.


  • The non-toxic mattress (in fact, it’s vegan) is made with hypoallergenic materials and a lightweight, fully recyclable polyester core
  • You can order your mattress with the easy-clean waterproof cover (clutch when you’re dealing with a 3 a.m. blowout), or opt for a breathable smart cover that promotes air circulation and prevents overheating. Oh, and both options come in organic versions to boot
  • It’s double-sided, offering firm support for infants on one side and cushier comfort for toddlers on the other


With the Pure Core, you get safety, practicality, comfort and convenience all rolled into one (pretty awesome) mattress.

Price: $150


Photo: Babyletto
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