Bumpie Tip of the Week: Sex After Baby?

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March 2, 2017
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You just popped out a little one, dad is looking to have a little fun and you can’t even stomach the thought of having that go in there(just yet!). We’ve got the inside scoop from our Bumpies on the Babies: 0 - 3 Months board on how long they waited to have sex after baby.

“We tried at 4.5 weeks — it didn’t work so, we stopped. Tried again at 5.5 weeks…was a tad bit better than the week before but nowhere near prebaby sex. As far as I can tell it will take quite some time to feel right… it’s uncomfortable but not horribly painful.” — LeeB*

“Yesterday was my 6-week appointment so, 6 weeks. Ha! My husband even went out and bought condoms yesterday since I’m not on birth control yet. I think he was a little eager! It was definitely nowhere near prebaby sex but better than late-pregnancy sex.” — InkedMeg

“I waited until I was cleared by my OB at 6 weeks. I had a c-section and the first time still sucked. Lots and lots of lube.” — mabener1

“We waited 7 weeks…  it doesn’t feel like it used to… its not bad, just not the same… I’m sure there’s still some healing to be done!” — Shaungel

“I will wait until the doctor clears me.  I had a c-sectoin and am hoping it isn’t horrible when we resume that particular activity. My sex drive went into the toilet when I got pregnant and is just now returning so waiting is really hard!” — tig59

“Basically, you just need to give it a go. If it hurts, you stop. Start out really slow and use lots of lube!” — Megss1

*Some names have been changed.

Tell us: How long did you wait to have sex after baby?

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