Spooktacular Family Halloween Costumes

These family Halloween costumes will go down a scream.
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By Martina Garvey, E-Commerce Editor
Updated September 6, 2023
Image: Evgeny Atamanenko | Shutterstock
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Family Halloween costumes can be a glorious thing—just look at Neil Patrick Harris’ coordinated looks. But guess what? You don’t need to be famous—or spend a bunch—to sport amazing family Halloween costumes! You just need the right inspiration, a few helpful hints and a lot of holiday spirit. The best family Halloween costumes are colorful, unified and fun. Draw inspiration from your kids’ favorite TV shows, books or movies. After all, a family costume involves adults and kids alike, so it’s got to make everyone happy. The key is to find a family-friendly theme with outfit options for every member of your “boo-crew”. That way you’ll look pulled together, even if the costumes don’t entirely match.

Ready to get in the spooky spirit? From mommy-and me-costumes to themed looks for families of three or more, we’ve selected the best family Halloween costume ideas—and gathered inspo from real families!

Family of 3 Halloween Costumes

Celebrating your first spooky season as a trio? How fun! Make the most of this momentous occasion with a coordinated family Halloween costume for three. Below find our favorite picks inspired by real parents and their babies.

Barbie-inspired family Halloween costumes

Leave it to Queen Bey to one-up your Halloween goals with this trio of DIY family Halloween costumes. While she and her husband, Jay-Z, slayed as vintage Barbie and Ken dolls, their daughter Blue Ivy was an adoring mini-Barbie with plenty of retro flair. This year go one step further and dress up in Barbie-inspired outfits from the newly released live action film.

Image: Beyonce via Instagram

Pink Plaid Barbie Halloween Costume

Toddler Baby Girls Pink Plaid Romper Dress
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
Amazon|From $9.99

Hi Barbie! This pretty pink romper may not be an exact replica of the plaid dress Margot Robbie wore in the movie, but it’s certainly close enough. Add a white cardigan and wooly tights to beat the October chill and your little doll is good to go.

Cowboy Ken Halloween Costume

Barbie Movie Men's Ken Cowboy Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Who can forget Ken’s iconic cowboy costume? We don’t think Dad will need much convincing to don this fun western-inspired outfit.

Cowgirl Barbie Halloween Costume

Barbie Movie Women's Barbie Cowgirl Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

For a full set, mom can wear this hot pink cowgirl costume. It comes complete with flares, a waistcoat and a cute matching neckerchief. Accessorize with a pair of white boots and a cowboy hat. Yeehaw!

Lobster chef family Halloween costumes

This group costume of two chefs and a lobster is deliciously cute. It can be hard to pull off a Halloween look with baby strapped to your chest, but this costume is designed to be used with a carrier!

Image: Ana Pham

Chef and Lobster Halloween Costume

Master Chef & Maine Lobster Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

This clever costume includes an apron and chef’s hat for mom or dad along with an adorable lobster hat and carrier cover for baby. Two looks for the price of one? Yes please.

Chef Halloween costume

Chef Costume for Men
Image: Halloween Costumes

Where would you be without your trusty sous chef? This simple chef costume adds the finishing touch to a picture-perfect family Halloween costume.

The Office family Halloween costumes

Looking to do a funny family Halloween costume for the three of you? You’re sure to get some laughs with a reference to the cult classic show The Office. Root around in your work wardrobe to DIY this look off or go the whole hog with premade costumes.

Assistant to the Regional Manager Onesie

Blue Giraffe Apparel Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager Onesie
Image: Blue Giraffe Apparel | Etsy
Buying Options
Etsy|From $8.95

Announce your little one’s promotion to the role of “assistant to the regional manager” with this fun onesie.

Dwight Schrute Halloween Costume

Disguise Official The Office Costume Accessories for Adults
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Meanwhile Dad can dress as the OG Dunder Mifflin employee in this perfectly put together ensemble. The set includes a shirt, clip-on tie, glasses and a pager, of course.

Angela Martin Halloween Costume

Dunder Mifflin Inc. Novelty ID Badge The Office Prop Costume
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Dig out your best twin-set and headband, it’s time to channel Angela! Complete the look with this novelty employee ID badge, so everyone knows you (and baby) mean business.

Tacos family Halloween costumes

For a truly tasty taco, you can’t forget the toppings! The avocado and hot sauce add just the right note to these hilarious family Halloween costumes. Taco-bout cute!

Image: Amy Lynn

Hot Sauce Halloween Costume

Buzz Bear Licensed Sriracha Baby Costume
Image: Buzz Bear Studio | Etsy
Buying Options

Spice up your family Halloween costume with this Sriracha sauce onesie and hat. It’s comfy, cute and totally on theme.

Guacamole Halloween Costume

Adult Avocado Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

The key to a tasty taco? Guacamole, of course! Mom or Dad can wear this unisex avocado outfit as part of your food-inspired family Halloween costume.

Tasty Taco Halloween Costume

Taco Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Wrap up your look with this taco costume. The tunic can be layered over a top and pants to keep you warm while trick-or-treating. Go team taco!

Peter Pan family Halloween costumes

Good news: Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the Halloween fun! Take it from these folks, who nailed their costumes as Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and of course Peter Pan.

Captain Hook Baby Costume

Captain Hook Costume for Baby by Disguise
Image: Amazon

Cast baby as the villain with this pint-sized Captain Hook costume. It’s suitable for babies and tots and comes with everything your little one needs to set sail for Neverland.

Peter Pan Halloween Costume

Adult Classic Peter Pan Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Reckon Dad could pull off the boy that never grew up? This Peter Pan costume is the perfect match to baby’s Captain Hook. The entire look—including a tunic, leggings, belt, hat and wrist cuffs—costs less than $40.

Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

Women's Fairytale Tink Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Add a touch of magic to your family Halloween costume as Tinkerbell. The pretty green dress comes with translucent wings, add a touch of glitter and you’re good to go.

Pokémon family Halloween costumes

Want to share your passion for Pokémon? Take inspiration from this family trio. Mom and Dad are dressed as the characters Misty and Ash, while their little girl plays the cutest (and wiliest) little Pokémon of all, Pikachu.

Pikachu Baby Costume

Onesies World Pokemon Costume for Babies
Image: Onesies World | Etsy
Buying Options

Soft, snuggly and downright adorable, this one-piece Pikachu costume will keep baby warm while you tour the block. Plus, the full-length zipper makes diaper changes a breeze.

Ash Ketchum Costume

Adult Pokémon Classic Ash Ketchum Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Pikachu and Ash Ketchum are kind of a package deal, so it makes sense to have one parent dress as the show's hero. Pair the shirt and hat with your favorite jeans and get ready to catch a whole lot of candy.

Poké Ball Costume

Pokémon Adult Poké Ball Classic Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Don’t fancy dressing as a Pokémon? Try this Poké Ball costume out for size. It’s gender-neutral and can be layered over a long-sleeved tee and pants.

Family of 4 Halloween Costumes

When you’re a family of four, you need the perfect quartet of costumes to bring the look to life. Luckily, these fantastic family Halloween costume ideas do just that.

Star Wars family halloween costumes

This family embraced the latest Star Wars characters, dressing as badass heroine Rey, her friend and fellow fighter Finn, Darth Vader (#throwback) and baby as the breakout droid, BB8. Feeling inspired? Choose your favorite combination of Star Wars characters and head off on a Halloween adventure.

Image: Courtesy of Kara Antrim/Instagram

Baby Yoda Costume

Grogu Costume Bodysuit for Baby
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$34.99

Din Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) is the perfect addition to a Star Wars family Halloween costume. This soft cotton bodysuit has a furry trim and comes complete with a stocking hat with big floppy ears.

Darth Vader Halloween Costume

Darth Vader Costume with Sound for Kids
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$59.99

Get your little Sith Lord into character with this Darth Vader costume, complete with eight sound effects. It comes with a mask, bodysuit, gloves, belt and a cape, so all that’s missing is a lightsaber. Arm them, if you dare…

Obi-Wan Costume Halloween Costume

Obi-Wan Costume for Adults
Image: Halloween Costumes

Defeat the darkside this Halloween as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The famous jedi costume includes a tunic, pants and a hooded cloak. May the force be with you.

Princess Leia Halloween Costume

Princess Leia Hooded Costume for Adults
Image: Halloween Costumes

Complete this cinematic family Halloween costume with mom dressed as Princess Leia. The chic white ensemble comes with a wig, hooded dress and belt.

Classic monster family Halloween costumes

We couldn’t have a roundup of scary family getups without at least one source of inspiration from one of Neil Patrick Harris’s family Halloween costumes—and this one is his family’s spookiest. Each dressed up as iconic horror characters: Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and a werewolf.

Image: Courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris

Bride of Frankenstein baby costume

Infant Monster Bride Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Kick off your monster’s ball with this frightfully cute bride of Frankenstein costume. Designed for baby girls it comes with a dramatic wig, a onesie dress with a heart motif and white tights with faux stitching.

Baby Werewolf Costume

Grey Werewolf for Infants
Image: Halloween Costumes

A monster menagerie wouldn’t be complete without a baby werewolf. This cute costume includes a fuzzy jumpsuit layered underneath a plaid shirt, a sculpted wolf headpiece and paw-shaped booties.

Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Men's Frankenstein's Monster Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

He may be stitched together from spare parts, but we reckon Frankenstein’s monster has a heart of gold. Pair this costume with some green face paint and get ready for a devilishly good time.

Vampire Halloween Costume

Complete Vampire Men's Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Round off this creative family Halloween costume with a classic vampire outfit. This affordable option includes a cape, vest, cummerbund, medallion, bow tie and gloves. Looking for something for Mom? Check out this luxurious vampire costume for women.

Goldilocks and the three bears family Halloween costumes

Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear and little Goldilocks, out for a little trick-or-treating fun! What’s great about this group outfit—other than the fact that you can easily incorporate a baby into it—is that it’s easily customizable. While all the bears have matching shirts, they each got playful with the rest of their outfits.

Goldilocks Halloween Costume

Goldilocks Toddler Girls Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

How cute is this pre-made Goldilocks costume for little girls? The perfect accompaniment to the three bears, this look includes a dress, apron and hair bow.

Three Bear T-Shirts

Noah's Ark Tees Family Bear Shirts
Image: Noah's Ark Tees | Etsy
Buying Options
Etsy|From $9.73

For a full-on fairytale look, the rest of the family can wear these cute T-Shirts that read mama-bear, papa-bear and baby-bear. Or push things one step further with this bear ears and tail kit.

Wizard of Oz family Halloween costumes

Does it get any more classic than The Wizard of Oz? The great thing about these family of four Halloween costumes is that each of them—Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion—can be made at home or easily found in stores. Better yet, this costume is perfect for families with a canine companion, just call your doggo Toto for the day.

Cowardly Lion Halloween Costume

Deluxe Toddler Lion Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

He may be cowardly, but boy is he cute! The cozy one-piece jumpsuit is easy to take on and off, has a bendy poseable tail, removable furry mittens and slippers for baby’s paws. The best part? That glorious lion's mane that frames your little one’s face.

Dorothy Halloween Costume

Tiny Tikes Dorothy Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

How darling is this Dorothy costume for tots? She’ll be skipping for joy down the Yellow Brick road with her sidekicks in town. Add red shoes and white knee-high socks to complete this iconic look.

Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Patchwork Scarecrow Adult Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Get ready for an adventure with this silly scarecrow costume. It’s gender neutral making it perfect for moms or dads, and comes with everything you need to dress as Dorothy’s companion.

Tin Man Halloween Costume

Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume for Men
Image: Halloween Costumes

He may not have a heart (yet), but the Tin Man is an indispensable part of the Wizard of Oz gang. This classic film character costume includes a silver shirt, pants and a headpiece to complete the look.

Super Mario Brothers family Halloween costumes

In the race to find an awesome Halloween getup, this family costume deserves a trophy! This costume idea can easily work with larger families of four or more, thanks to the video game’s large cast of characters.

Super Mario Halloween Costume

Mario Infant Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Kickstart your Mario Kart family Halloween costume with this little number. It’s perfect for the smallest member of the crew and comes with a comfy jumpsuit and a baker-boy hat.

Toad Halloween Costume

Super Mario Toad Toddler Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Is your little one a real fungi? Dress them as Toad from Super Mario! While Mario and Luigi may be more focused on saving Princess Peach, they still love hanging out with this little mushroom.

Princess Peach Halloween Costume

Womens Princess Peach Costume Accessory Kit
Image: Party City
Buying Options
Party City|$15

If it weren't for Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom would fall apart in a minute flat! Sound familiar? If so, this accessory set is perfect for you. Pair the crown, amulet and gloves with a pink dress for a picture-perfect Halloween look.

Luigi Halloween Costume

Super Mario Brothers Men's Luigi Deluxe Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Match your mini Mario with Dad wearing this Luigi costume. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this look comes with overalls, a shirt and a hat to top it all off.

Baby Shark family Halloween costumes

Doo-doo we love this family costume idea? You betcha! (And we’re guessing so will you.) Take inspiration from the hit children’s song “Baby Shark”—and if Grandma and Grandpa want to get in on the Halloween action, even better!

Image: Vicki Chan

Shark Halloween Costume for Babies

Baby Shark Costume for Infants
Image: Halloween Costumes

Ba-by shark do-do, do-do-do-do! Celebrate the hit song with this adorable shark costume for babies. The comfy one-piece comes with a hat complete with fins and a happy smiling face.

Shark Halloween Costume for Kids

Baby Shark Kids Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Of course, older children love “Baby Shark” too—so pick up this big kid costume while you're at it. Your little one can bring the song and dance to life as the attached mitts have large soft-sculpted teeth and cartoon eyes.

Mommy Shark Halloween Costume

Women's Baby Shark Mommy Shark Costume with Sound Chip
Image: Halloween Costumes

No school of sharks is complete without Mommy at the helm. This pink tunic style costume slips on overhead and even has a sound chip that plays a clip of the hit song while you’re out hunting for candy.

Daddy Shark Halloween Costume

Baby Shark Men's Daddy Shark Costume with Sound Chip
Image: Halloween Costumes

Get everyone in on the action with this matching Daddy Shark costume. He’s big, he’s blue and he’s ready to party!

Family of 5 Halloween Costumes

And finally, family Halloween costumes made for a party of five. The great thing about nearly all of these? Thanks to the large cast of characters they were inspired by, you can easily add one (or two or three) more to each of them, customizing them to your own unique family.

Jurassic Park family Halloween costumes

For a roaring good time, this family of five went with the original Jurassic Park characters, including two little dinosaurs and a baby dino hatching out of his egg. Mix it up and add different dino characters for a custom family Halloween costume.

Hatching Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Velociraptor Baby Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Picture the scene: You stumble across a dinosaur nest and out pops this cuddly critter. It may look sweet, but beware—that dino baby has teeth. The look includes a jumpsuit with attached mittens, a foam eggshell prop and ankle cuff booties. Talk about a cracking good costume!

Dilophosaurus Halloween Costume

Dilophosaurus Toddler's Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

A fierce toddler deserves a ferocious costume. That’s why we love this one-piece outfit inspired by the pint-sized Dilophosaurus dinosaur, made famous in Jurassic Park. (If you know, you know.)

T-Rex Halloween Costume

Realistic Toddler T-Rex Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

You can’t have a Jurassic Park family Halloween costume without a T-Rex in tow. This realistic look comes in toddler and kids sizes.

Ellie Sattler Halloween Costume

Jurassic Park Women's Ellie Sattler Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Channel top paleobotanist Ellie Sattler in this nostalgic costume. Inspired by the first film, this look comes with a pale blue tank top, a pink button-down shirt, khaki shorts and a visitor's badge to make your trip to the park official!

Dr. Grant Halloween Costume

Jurassic Park Men's Dr. Grant Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Get ready for a non-stop adventure in this costume inspired by the heroic Dr. Alan Grant. Wrangle your dinosaur crew and save the day in this signature look, complete with a safari hat and Jurassic Park visitor badge.

Addams Family Halloween costumes

Brooke Shields knows how it’s done: She went bald to play Uncle Fester (even popping his trademark light bulb in her mouth), while her daughters, Rowan and Grier, went goth as Morticia and Wednesday. There’s tons of characters to choose from the Addams Family universe, so get busy and create a family Halloween costume to suit your own brattish brood.

Image: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Pubert Halloween Costume

Sinhoon Newborn Baby Boy Halloween Outfit
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Draw inspiration from Addams Family Values and dress baby as Pubert, the youngest child of Morticia and Gomez. This onesie is a perfect match to the one worn in the film, and is made from soft snuggly cotton.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Mosong Wednesday Addams Costume
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

If you ask us, Wednesday has always been the coolest character in the Addams clan. But ever since Jenny Ortega played her in the TV series, this creepy adolescent’s popularity has reached terrifying new heights. Designed for ages 3 and up, this costume has everything needed to transform your little girl into Wednesday Addams.

Pugsley Addams Halloween Costume

Spirit Halloween The Addams Family Toddler Pugsley Addams Costume
Image: Amazon

Pugsley is another fan favorite, and this costume is a super-easy one to pull off. Pair the crewneck tee and shorts with knee-length socks to nail the look.

Morticia Addams Costume

Addams Family Morticia Costume for Women
Image: Halloween Costumes

Morticia Addams is the creepy mama we all want to be this Halloween. And you’re sure to captivate your audience in this black velvet dress complete with a floaty tulle trim on the sleeves and hem. Wear it with a red lip, plenty of kohl eyeliner and a sinister smile.

Gomez Addams Costume

Putrid Papa Costumes for Adults
Image: Halloween Costumes

A passionate family man, Gomez is the perfect addition to your Addams family Halloween costume. And this double-breasted pinstripe suit certainly looks the part. Take it away pops!

Zoo family Halloween costumes

It can be tricky to come up with a family costume idea fit for a family of five or more—but these zoo keepers and their menagerie have certainly figured it out. If you already have a house full of little animals, this Halloween getup will be second-nature.

Tiger Halloween Costume

Sweet Spooks Little Tiger
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

Wrap baby up in this furry tiger costume. It has a full-length zipper for easy changing access and a hood complete with a friendly feline face. Totally rawr-some!

Parrot Halloween Costume

Meri Meri Parrot Costume
Image: Maisonette

Let your little bird of paradise flap their wings in this playful parrot costume. It includes a fringed cape for wings and a green velvet headdress with a glorious glittery beak.

Cheetah Halloween Costume

Band of the Wild Cheetah Pajama
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

How about a Halloween costume that doubles as pajamas? This cute cheetah costume is perfect for your little wildcat. It’s made from soft cotton with a touch of spandex for added stretch.

Women’s Zookeeper Costume

Plus Size Zookeeper Women's Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Tiger wrangling and feeding time is peanuts compared to managing a busy household. That’s why this zookeeper costume is perfect for busy moms. The khaki jumpsuit comes with a safari hat and is available in a range of inclusive sizes.

Men’s Zookeeper Costume

Spirit Halloween Adult Zookeeper Costume
Image: Amazon

Need an extra set of hands to manage your mini herd? Get Dad involved with this zookeeper costume for men. It includes a shirt, hat, belt, toy keys and three patches.

Incredibles family Halloween costumes

There’s a seemingly endless lineup of superheroes in our world. Which makes it easy for kids (and mom and dad) to each pick their favorite hero costumes and still look like a united bunch. Our top pick? The Incredibles. This family-focused superhero gang is full of heart and makes for an awesome coordinated costume.

Image: Shop Disney

Jack-Jack Halloween Costume

Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Costume for Baby
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$34.99

First up, is Jack-Jack the youngest member of the crime-fighting crew. He’s small but mighty with seemingly unlimited potential just like your baby—minus the superpowers, of course. The two piece outfit includes a stretchy jumpsuit and faux glasses.

Dash Halloween Costume

Incredibles 2 Dash Costume for Kids
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$54.99

Your little one will be in a rush to try this costume. As the fastest member of the family, Dash catches the baddies in a flash. This costume comes with a stretchy top, pants, mask and gloves.

Violet Halloween Costume

Incredibles 2 Violet Costume for Kids
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$54.99

Does your family dynamic include a shrinking violet? She’ll love dressing up as Violet Parr, a teenager who overcame her shyness and mastered the art of invisibility. The costume includes a rubberized top, mask, belt, gloves, pants and a skirt.

Mr. Incredible Halloween Costume

Mr. Incredible Costume for Adults
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$69.99

Bob Parr is no average joe, he’s incredible! This costume is padded to give you the illusion of a six pack and has the family logo emblazoned across the chest.

Mrs. Incredible Halloween Costume

Incredibles 2 Mrs. Incredible Costume for Adults
Image: Shop Disney
Buying Options
Shop Disney|$69.99

Last up on our list is this Mrs. Incredible costume. Designed for super-moms, this six-piece look has plenty of stretch to keep things comfortable.

How We Chose the Best Family Halloween Costumes

U-oh spooky season is right around the corner! We know there are a ton of family Halloween costume ideas out there. So, to help narrow your search, we did the bulk of the research for you, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through online retailers. We browsed options from dozens of leading brands and considered several factors, such as quality, value, sizing options, material and style, when choosing what to include in our roundup.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

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