43 Frightfully Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Searching for some good baby Halloween costume ideas? Check out our roundup of the best baby costumes out there.
ByKelsey Paine
September 10, 2019
babies dressed up for halloween in various costumes including flamingo and dinosaur egg
Image: Courtesy Manufacturer
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October 31st is almost upon us, and while Halloween may look a little different this year thanks to COVID-19, celebrations are still taking place—and if you’re planning on trick-or-treating, you’ll need to start the search for the best baby Halloween costumes out there for your little one. There are a lot of different options to choose from, but you especially want to make sure baby’s first Halloween costume is comfortable, reasonably priced and, obviously, super cute. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking for newborn baby Halloween costumes you can easily buy or unique baby Halloween costumes you can DIY, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best baby Halloween costumes this year.

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Our favorite baby girl Halloween costumes are modeled after some iconic ladies. (Wonder Woman and Minnie Mouse, anyone?) We’ve also got some unique baby Halloween costumes, because every little girl deserves to stand out.

Image: Courtesy Lily and Max Co.

The Wizard of Oz Baby Halloween Costume

Shopping for a newborn Halloween costume? Just follow the yellow brick road. This Etsy shop makes the cutest infant interpretation of Dorothy’s outfit we’ve ever seen. The baby girl Halloween costume features a blue checkered romper with a Toto-inspired embellishment, plus a sparkly red headband and—of course—glittery red shoes. Bonus: You can get the bodysuit personalized with baby’s name for an even more unique spin on the idea.

Buy it: Lily and Max Co. Dorothy Baby Costume, $30 for the 3-piece set,

Image: Courtesy Rubie's

Wonder Woman Baby Halloween Costume

She may be your little girl, but you already know she’s going to do big things! This adorable baby superhero costume includes a star-spangled bow headband and a long-sleeved outfit with a tutu.

Buy it: Rubie’s Wonder Woman Baby Costume, $22,

Image: Courtesy Disney Store

Minnie Mouse Baby Halloween Costume

Disney baby costumes are always great go-tos, and its first lady is a classic choice for a baby girl infant halloween costume. We love the multi-layered tulle skirt on this official Disney baby costume, creating a fluffier skirt with a little extra drama.

Buy it: Disney Disguise My First Disney Red Minnie Costume, $26,

Image: Courtesy Princess Outfit Shop

Moana Baby Halloween Costume

Looking for more Disney baby costumes? This Etsy seller makes a baby Halloween outfit inspired by the fearless Moana. The complete set includes a dress, hair flower and shell necklace. Halloween shopping, done.

Buy it: Princess Outfit Shop Moana Costume, $68 for the 3-piece set,

Image: Courtesy Dress Up America

Ladybug Baby Halloween Costume

When it comes to some of the best newborn halloween costumes, your little love bug will look too-cute as a ladybug. The spotted bodysuit comes complete with adorable antennas.

Buy it: Dress Up America Baby Girls Ladybug Costume Outfit, starting from $27,

Image: Courtesy Steph’s Family Stitches

Mermaid Baby Halloween Costume

Mermaids are definitely having a moment. Hop on the trend with this crochet baby Halloween outfit, featuring an adorable aquatic color palette. It’s one of the best baby Halloween costumes for newborns (they won’t be doing much crawling in this tail, after all) and a great choice for a warm-weather October 31 or one spent entirely indoors.

Buy it: Steph’s Family Stitches Baby Mermaid Costume, starting from $64 for a 3-piece set,

Image: Courtesy Shop Disney

Snow White Baby Halloween Costume

Your little princess will love dressing up and posing for pics like one of her favorite Disney characters. And you’ll love the craftsmanship and attention to detail on this well-made (and gorgeous) infant Halloween costume.

Buy it: Snow White Baby Costume, $36,

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

Of course, we love our baby boy Halloween costumes equally as much. From classic storybook characters to modern mischief-makers, check out these awesome infant Halloween costumes ideas for your little guy.

Image: Courtesy Disney

Tigger Baby Halloween Costume

The wonderful thing about baby Halloween costumes? You can dress your little one up as your favorite childhood characters! This Disney baby costume lets your munchkin play Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger for a day. The zip-up, fleece design is both comfy and convenient.

Buy it: Disney Boys’ Fleece Tigger Costume Coverall, starting from $21,

Image: Courtesy Shop Disney

Toy Story Woody Baby Halloween Costume

Trying to choose baby’s first Halloween costume? Well giddy up! We love this adorable Toy Story Woody outfit that’ll have your little one wrangling up compliments in no time. It comes with pants, a shirt, vest with sheriff badge, hat and bandana. Yeehaw!

Buy it: Baby Woody Coveralls From Toy Story, $35,

Image: Courtesy Leg Avenue

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Halloween Costume

Can’t get enough of the classic children’s tale? Bring Where the Wild Things Are home with this adorable Max costume, complete with the signature crown and buttons.

Buy it: Leg Avenue Wild Things Are Baby Max Costume, $60,

Image: Courtesy Disguise

Super Mario Baby Halloween Costume

Halloween, let’s-a-go! Win major nostalgia points this Halloween with a baby Mario costume, which includes the iconic hat and jumpsuit. (Tip: If you have twins, all you have to do is pick up a Luigi or Princess Peach costume and your little duo is ready to roll.)

Buy it: Disguise Baby Boys’ Mario Costume, $31,

Image: Courtesy Fenbo

Baby Yoda Halloween Costume

One of the best baby Halloween costumes this year will definitely be The Child, aka Baby Yoda, from the TV show The Mandalorian. The force will surely be with baby in this handknit Star Wars-themed outfit.

Buy it: Fenbo Baby Yoda Halloween Costume, $23,

Image: Courtesy Disney

Baby Jack-Jack Halloween Costume

The best baby Halloween costumes embrace your kid’s personality. Shopping for a feisty little guy? Outfit him like Disney’s Baby Jack-Jack, the sweet but totally unpredictable infant superhero from The Incredibles.

Buy it: Disney Jack-Jack Costume for Baby, $30,

Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Looking for cute baby Halloween costumes? While we think every costume on this list of best baby Halloween costumes is pretty darn cute, these are especially adorable, thanks to their sweet animal (and vegetable) inspirations. Get ready to go “aww.”

Image: Courtesy Princess Paradise

Lamb Baby Halloween Costume

There’s only one word for this fuzzy lamb onesie: snuggly. With baby’s first Halloween costume this soft and cute, you’ll want to cuddle them all day long.

Buy it: Princess Paradise Baby Girls’ Premium Laura the Lamb Costume, starting from $31,

Image: Courtesy InCharacter

Baby Penguin Halloween Costume

There’s cute—and then there’s baby in a penguin costume with a top hat cute. This one truly brings the term “penguin suit” to life.

Buy it: InCharacter Lil’ Penguin Baby Costume, $64,

Image: Courtesy Rubie's

Baby Lion Halloween Costume

Hear baby roar! From the oversized mane to the hilarious included mouse toy and reasonable price, we love everything about this cozy lion suit for baby’s first Halloween costume.

Buy it: Rubie’s Lion Baby Halloween Costume, $16,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Baby Duckling Halloween Costume

This playful fuzzy duckling outfit is one of the best baby Halloween costumes out there, thanks to its easy slip-on elastic pants, safe Velcro headpiece and super-comfortable soft fabric. Plus, the cheery bright yellow color can’t help but put a smile on both your (and baby’s) faces.

Buy it: Fuzzy Duckling Baby Costume, $30,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Pumpkin Halloween Costume

You can’t celebrate Halloween without a few good pumpkins around. After all, pumpkin baby Halloween costumes are as classic and cute as they come. We can’t resist that oversized pumpkin hat!

Buy it: Pumpkin Halloween Costume, $49,

Image: Courtesy Cuddle Club

Baby Bear Halloween Costume

A cozy fleece bodysuit with a full-length zipper and adorable bear ears? What more could you really ask for in a newborn baby Halloween costume? The sleeves and pant legs can even roll over baby’s hands and feet for makeshift mittens and booties. How bear-y smart.

Buy it: Cuddle Club Fleece Baby Bunting Bodysuit in Brown Bear, starting from $25,

Image: Courtesy Amscan

Baby Cow Halloween Costume

Spotted: a baby cow costume that’ll rake in lots of “aww”s. The timeless baby Halloween costume includes a jumpsuit, hood, tail and booties, plus a hood chin strap to keep it secure on your squirmy little one.

Buy it: Amscan Baby Mini Moo Halloween Costume, $31,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Flamingo Halloween Costume

Baby might not have the coordination to stand on one leg (or even two) just yet, but honestly, that makes this flamingo costume even sillier (and cuter). We’re all for unique baby animal costumes!

Buy it: Flamingo Baby Halloween Costume, $69,

Image: Courtesy InCharacter

Baby Owl Halloween Costume

This owl infant Halloween costume is a real hoot! The thick jumpsuit is lined for extra warmth, the owl eyes and ears keep baby’s head protected and the cozy plush booties are an added bonus.

Buy it: InCharacter What a Hoot Infant/Toddler Costume, $31,

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Have you browsed through the cute baby Halloween costumes but are looking for something a little more creative? We’ve got you covered with these hilariously funny baby Halloween costumes that are sure to nab baby some extra attention.

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

UPS Baby Costume

Baby was a gift to your family, so why not dress him up to deliver some gifts himself? This chuckle-inducing infant Halloween costume comes with the shirt, pants, cap and little package.

Buy it: UPS Baby Halloween Costume, $30,

Image: Courtesy Oriental Trading

Baby Elvis Halloween Costume

We can’t help but giggle at the idea of baby in an Elvis Halloween costume. It comes complete with a faux-rhinestone jumper, pants, hat and booties. Baby will be the cutest king of them all.

Buy it: Baby Elvis Halloween Costume, $40,

Image: Courtesy Buzz Bear Studio / Etsy

Ketchup and Mustard Baby Halloween Costumes

Twinning! If you’re in search of ideas for twin baby Halloween costumes, there’s no better pairing than ketchup and mustard onesies.

Buy it: Buzz Bear Studio Ketchup Mustard Halloween Costumes, $42,

Image: Courtesy Suit Yourself

Skunk Baby Halloween Costume

Dress baby up like the little stinker they are. This funny baby Halloween costume idea includes a furry black and white jumpsuit, a matching hood with attached ears, a detachable tail and booties. Not to mention it’s both extra soft and stinkin’ cute.

Buy it: Suit Yourself Little Stinker Skunk Costume for Babies, starting at $30,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Baby Sloth Halloween Costume

Shopping for a very sleepy baby? This funny sloth costume embraces the snoozy life. The furry jumpsuit design makes for a cute and comfy outfit, as all of the best baby Halloween costumes should be.

Buy it: Sloth Baby Halloween Costume, $25,

Image: Courtesy Halloween Costumes

Baby Shark Halloween Costume

Give a nod to one of baby’s favorite songs with this shark costume. The jumpsuit is easy to slip onto a newborn and the hoodie shark head is equal parts cute and funny. With this suit, baby’s first halloween costume is sure to be memorable!

Buy it: Baby Silly Shark Halloween Costume, $55,

Unique Baby Halloween Costumes

With families across the country searching high and low for the best baby costumes, it can be hard to find something that’s truly unique. Don’t sweat it. Here, we’ve unearthed some standout baby costumes everyone else won’t have (though they’ll be wishing they did!).

Image: Courtesy Paper Dolls Ink

Baby Taco Halloween Costume

Make Taco Tuesday extra-cute with this fun newborn baby Halloween costume. The colorful, lightweight onesie is easy to put on baby and the accompanying sombrero is the guac on top!

Buy it: Paper Dolls Ink Taco Baby Costume, starting at $46,

Image: Courtesy Maisonette

Astronaut Halloween Costume

Send your imagination into orbit with this adorable astronaut onesie. This romper comes with snaps for easy on-off and is made of a soft knit fabric for extra comfort. Who knew baby’s first Halloween costume could help them shoot for the stars?

Buy it: Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Romper Baby Halloween Costume, $30,

Image: Courtesy Bebe Couture LLC / Etsy

Harry Potter Baby Halloween Costume

This baby Halloween costume will definitely win Potterhead parents over. The Harry Potter-inspired ensemble includes Quidditch-themed baby suspenders, a white bodysuit plus a clip-on bowtie in Gryffindor colors. Pair it with fake glasses (or baby’s real ones!) to make the outfit extra-authentic.

Buy it: Bebe Couture LLC Wizard Baby Halloween Outfit, starting from $48,

Image: Courtesy Carter's

Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume

The life lesson behind pineapple costumes? Always stand tall and wear a crown. (Second: You’ll never not look cute dressed as a pineapple.) This baby Halloween costume has a zip-up front so you can get your little one dressed fast.

Buy it: Little Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume, $44,

Image: Courtesy Buzz Bear Studio / Etsy

Ramen Baby Halloween Costume

For newborn baby Halloween costumes, this ramen outfit—complete with yarn for noodles—is just too yummy. No wonder it says “cute noodles” on the onesie. Sizes start at NB - 7 lbs.

Buy it: Buzz Bear Studio Ramen Baby Costume and Hat, $53,

Image: Courtesy InCharacter

Gnome Baby Halloween Costume

For one of the best baby Halloween costumes, this unique gnome costume put a big ol’ grin on our faces—and it’s guaranteed to do the same to passersby.

Buy it: InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Infant Costume, $41,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Dinosaur Egg Baby Halloween Costume

We’ve hatched an ingenious plan: Dress baby up as a baby dino egg this Halloween, and revel in all the compliments that are sure to roll in! The long-sleeved top and plush hat will ward off any chills—just add a pair of pants or tights.

Buy it: Baby Green Dinosaur Egg Costume, $59,

Image: Courtesy Carter's

Avocado Baby Halloween Costume

We love avocado on pretty much everything—and that includes baby’s first Halloween costume. This set comes with three separate pieces, has long sleeves, a zip front and an elastic waistband for extra comfort. All that’s missing is a piece of toast!

Buy it: Little Avocado Baby Halloween Costume, $44,

Image: Courtesy OOK Knits / Etsy

Eeyore Baby Halloween Costume

We love Winnie-the-Pooh, but why should he always get the spotlight? Why not pay homage this Halloween to some of the other beloved storybook characters, like Eeyore. This crocheted costume comes with a little donkey ears hat, and yes, the tail is detachable. (This is also one of the best baby Halloween costumes for family getups, since there are so many cute characters in the Hundred Acre Wood to choose from!)

Buy it: OOK Knits Eeyore Inspired Baby Set, $48,

Image: Courtesy BuyBuy Baby

Llamacorn Baby Halloween Costume

So many of the best baby Halloween costumes riff on perineally popular ideas, but if you want something truly unusual, how about a llama-unicorn hybrid? Now that’s a step up from your average unicorn costume. Get ready to take tons of Instagram pics of your little one in this unique and ultra-cute costume.

Buy it: Llama Corn Baby Unicorn Costume, $27,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Pirate Baby Halloween Costume

Babies have a unique knack for getting into mischief, making this pirate baby Halloween costume perfectly apropo. The jumpsuit comes with the striped top, black bottom and blue belt. Just add the included bandana and voila! Baby will be the cutest swashbuckling scallywag on the seven seas.

Buy it: Pirate Baby Halloween Costume, $30,

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

For those of you who are creatively inclined, why not tackle baby’s costume yourself? These DIY baby Halloween costumes are a great way to infuse baby’s outfit with personalized details that’ll make for a show-stopping ensemble.

Stranger Things Baby Halloween Costume

Stranger Things is definitely spooky, making it the perfect series to honor on Halloween with a baby Eleven costume. (This one was crafted by Megan Hayes.) All you need is a pink dress, a little zip-up hoodie, a pair of striped socks and white sneakers, and a touch of red organic lipstick (for the blood). And, of course, don’t forget the Eggo!

Squirrel Baby Halloween Costume

Just one look at the tail on this baby squirrel costume, crafted by Mary Kate Moon’s mother, and it’s clear why it has a spot on our list of the best baby Halloween costumes. (You can watch it in action here.) To tackle this costume, find a big piece of furry fabric, fold it in half and cut it into an S-shape. Then fill it with cotton and sew it closed. Do the same thing with two little triangular pieces for ears, then sew them onto a gray onesie (with a hood, for easy ear-adding).

Baby Chicken Halloween Costume

If you’re going for a farm theme, like Molly Hunt of Little Iris Clothing, and want to dress baby like a chicken, you really only need two things: a brown hooded onesie (to attach the beak and comb) and lots of feathers.

Image: Dear June

Starbucks Baby Halloween Costume

'Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes! That’s exactly what Jules of Dear June thought when she made this adorable costume for her daughter. What you need: Some beige fabric to sew the body of the cup, green fabric markers for decorating (or a thick printout you can pin for the Starbucks sign) and enough white fabric to create that ruffle. The finishing touch? A headband decorated with a whipped cream-filled lid, a couple cinnamon sticks and a few of the company’s signature green straws.

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