6 Postbaby Tummy Toners

Now that you’ve got a cute, new, little baby, you’ve also got a no-so-cute tummy pooch. Here are some simple habits to start now so you don’t spend the next 40 weeks deflating your belly.
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Updated September 15, 2020
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Diet dos

1. Eat foods in their natural state

This means snacking on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Make it a point to always have fresh produce on hand. If it’s easy and available to you, you’ll eat it. Another rule of thumb: If it’s been processed by humans, then it’s not a good food choice for you.

2. Drink up

You’ve heard it many times before, but it’s still the best advice: Drink eight (8-oz.) glasses of water a day and consume more if you’re exercising or nursing. Water is essential for successful weight loss; it helps with your digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste elimination. Plus, it keeps you from feeling hungry.

3. Fuel up on fiber

More and more research is pointing to fiber as an important part of a weight loss plan. Fiber will not only make you feel full, it will also help regulate your digestive system, which is key for banishing bloat.

Must-do moves

1. Always be active

Even if you haven’t gotten into a routine exercise schedule yet (doctors generally allow it after six weeks), do something physical every day. Once you can really exercise, sign up for a group fitness class and get to know other moms with tots while working out.

2. Engage your abs

It’s not easy to activate those muscles after the beating they take from pregnancy. As soon as your baby is born, start doing hollowing exercises. Draw your waistline toward your spine as you exhale and practice breathing while your abs are drawn in.

3. Do planks

Start facedown, holding yourself up off the floor with your toes and forearms. Square off your shoulders and hips and engage your abdominals. See how long you can last without losing form. Begin with eight-second intervals and then work up to one minute. Too hard? Use your knees instead of your feet.

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