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No Batteries Required: Classic Toys For Baby

Feeling inundated by talking Elmos and flashing play gyms? Unplug yourself—and baby–this holiday season with some timeless, battery-free toys. If you're looking for a little last-minute gift inspiration, these old-school ideas—from whimsical building blocks to adorable play food—are just the thing.

Building Blocks

You can’t go wrong with a set of wooden blocks. Baby can rack up hours of stacking (and tumbling) without getting bored, and he’ll get more creative as he gets older (expect to have these around for a long time!). We especially love this whimsical set from Uncle Goose which lets you mix and match to create endless little creatures. $48, PerfectlySmitten.com

Musical Instruments 

This new collection of vibrant wooden instruments from Kids Preferred The World of Eric Carle is a fun way to introduce baby to music. Whether she waves the rhythm bells stick, toots on the recorder, bangs on the tambourine, or shakes the maraca she’ll experiment with different sounds and teach herself a thing or two about cause and effect. From $8, Amazon.com

Play Food



Get ready to get served up plenty of pretend meals! Kids love interacting (with you or with each other) by playing chef. And this colorful Fresh Fruit set by Hape Toys is perfect for reinforcing your teachings about healthy eating too. $20, HapeToys.com

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