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Revving Up Your Sex Life After Baby

How to rev up your sex life despite diapers, drool and dirty laundry.

So your postbaby sex life is a little lacking? (Okay, make that nonexistant?) Well you're not alone. With a new baby in the picture, sex can drop a few notches on the priority list. And it's not just the new responsibilities and exhaustion — delivering a baby can leave you sore, dry, and feeling not-so-sexy. If you're ready to turn the heat back on in the bedroom (or dining room, or kitchen), try these real-life tips from sex therapist Dr. Lisa Terrell and a few other moms who've been through it all before.

Get naughty

If your girlie bits aren't quite ready for actual intercourse, but you want to get, er, intimate... well, there are other things you can do, you know. (Wink, wink.) Seriously, get creative and find ways to sexually connect. "Intimate contact can come in many forms," says Terrell, who founded the Sensovi Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. "Think in terms of sensual contact, sensual relaxation, and sex play." (Blushing yet?)

Warm up

It's normal to be scared of postbaby sex. After all, the parts involved just went through a pretty traumatic event. (Not to mention the fact that sex resulted in that — beautiful and amazing — bundle of poop and tears down the hall.) So start slow. Share a lingering kiss now and then. Cuddle. Wrestle. "Do things you both genuinely enjoy that have some kind of physical component rather than being intercourse and orgasm-focused," Terrell advises. (Once you work up to actual sex, use protection — it is possible to get pregnant again right away.)

Get naked

Even if you're feeling not-so-appealing, naked is sexy. Terrell recommends a joint shower, a game of strip poker, a candlelit tub, or — our favorite — some skin-on-skin spooning. Without any necessary plans for sex, slide between the sheets minus the Skivvies. You may fall asleep right away, in which case you'll have a nice, intimate rest. Or...you might get the urge to take things further.


No, your sex life won't be all quickies from now on (promise). There will be amazing things in the future (like a child that sleeps for more than 45 minutes). But in these crazy days of exhaustion, crying fits, and 3 a.m. feedings, quickies are king. Go ahead and give it a shot. It worked for Kimberly Ford, author of Hump: True Tales of Sex After Kids, who claims that even brief intimate episodes release frustration, leave her feeling closer to her husband, and keep the flame alive for future rolls in the hay. 

Give your body a break

Childbirth can leave a lady less-than-lubricated. First, recognize that this has nothing to do with your love or desire for your partner. (If he doesn't believe you, make him read this.) It's those pesky hormones again — namely a decrease in estrogen due to your new placenta-free state. (Chemicals produced in breastfeeding add to this issue too). It could be six months until you're back to normal, so check out the personal care items at your local drugstore. "Use lots of lube... buy stock in it," says Jelliebean1982. A little well-placed Astroglide can works wonder.

Give the boy a break

Between the hormones, the spit-up, and the sleepless nights, don't be shocked if your guy's every word sounds malicious or annoying in the first months of parenthood. Instead of letting resentment bubble up (in which case nookie doesn't stand a chance), talk to the poor chum. Let him know how he can help out, whether it's taking over while you relax in the bath, or giving you a nice rubdown after baby conks out. Happy mommy = better sex.

Embrace the awkward

Get ready to giggle, because it's true: If you're breastfeeding, you might squirt milk when you orgasm. Crazy, right? If it doesn't bother you, then just go with it. If it's a turn-off, have sex right after a feeding, or simply keep yourself covered. "I leave my nursing tank or bra on, it's not the hottest thing but I'm afraid I'm going to spray [my husband] in the eye," jokes MyBella. For a sexier feel, stick a couple of nursing pads into a lacy bra for protection. And remember, this is just something else that your amazing body can do right now.