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Q&A: Tips For Treating Colic?

How do I know if baby is colicky?

Chances are if baby has been crying at least three hours at a time more than three days a week for over three weeks, it’s colic. The best things happen in threes, right? Although the incessant crying may make you feel helpless, rest assured that colic isn’t an indication of something more serious or something that you’re doing wrong. In fact, colic affects between 10 to 25 percent of infants, and it should taper off by four months of age. While no one knows for sure what causes colic — allergies, immature digestion,  milk supply problems — there are ways you can help soothe baby. Babies love to suck, so a  pacifier will help calm them down. Rock them along to calming white noise created by a fan or vacuum. Try laying them flat on your chest to help the gas escape or placing them in a car seat above a running washing machine for the vibrations. And always contact your doctor if you have questions.