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Updated April 30, 2024
Southern baby names are full of timeless charm, leading plenty of parents down the country-livin’ rabbit hole. These days, living a more simple life—on maybe a farm or in a log cabin somewhere—is all the rage, so it’s no surprise you want to impart these values to baby. Whether you were born and raised among Georgia peaches or you’ve made your life as a newly-inducted Texan, Southern baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names will undoubtedly show baby exactly the kind of life you hope they can lead.

Southern Baby Boy Names

The word “southern” can mean a number of things, making the choice of a Southern baby boy name not nearly as restrictive as some other parameters! Baby can take after an uncle with a timeless name plucked from the family tree or could simply be a little one connected to the physical trees around them with more nature-based names from the South.

Southern Baby Girl Names

Whether it’s the south of France or southern Louisiana, Southern baby girl names are bursting with character and charm. From Belle to Wonda and every name in between, these names have a way of endearing the bearer to anyone they meet. Give your little girl a leg up on the charisma ladder with a Southern baby girl name.

Popular Southern Baby Names

Some of the trends with cream-of-the-crop Southern baby names is a recognition of baby’s beauty—inside and out! From names literally meaning “beautiful” to “righteous,” popular Southern baby names were made to encourage baby all life long to embrace the power they were born with.

Unique Southern Baby Names

If you want to give baby a bit of room for flair while still plucking a name from the region that inspires you, a unique Southern baby name is precisely what you need! From gorgeous selections in southern Europe to classic names from southern America, baby can highlight their heritage in an uncommon way with every introduction.

Cute Southern Baby Names

Recognizing cuteness is innately human, and often the idea of “cute” is subjective. However, when it comes to baby, it’s a no-brainer; they’re cute as a button and need a name that will always harken back to how precious they are. From vintage classics to new-age beauties, a cute Southern baby name will never go amiss.

Cool Southern Baby Names

Oftentimes, Southern culture is closely tied to times long past. However, cool Southern baby names take the known culture and add some new-age spin to it! They range from more unique stylistic choices to transformative takes on the beloved classics, all the while highlighting their coolest feature—their multicultural ways!
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