Check Out the World’s First Self-Driving, Smart Stroller

Would you shell out $3,300 for an extra hand on afternoon walks? Glüxkind’s innovative baby buggy is here to help with automatic braking, motorized push assist and even the ability to drive itself.
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January 11, 2023
Glüxkind self driving stroller
Image: Courtesy Glüxkind
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In a world in which parents are busier than ever and stressed to the max, smart baby tech has come along to make the lives of caregivers just a little easier. From the revolutionary SNOO smart sleeper to the Hatch Rest sound machine, baby gear is more attuned than ever to the needs of parents and their babies. Now, a new contender is pushing the envelope on smart baby gear with the world’s first self-driving, smart stroller.

Glüxkind debuted the Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, winning the 2023 Innovation Award and sparking quite the viral conversation around smart baby gear.

The German company has essentially taken all the high-quality features and innovative technologies you’d expect in a Tesla and applied them to a stroller, crafting what they refer to as an “Advanced Parent Assist System.”

The Advanced Parent Assist System boasts several cutting-edge features, including:

  • Intelligent Adaptive Braking System: No more worrying about a roll-away stroller or head-on collisions with a spry sibling.

  • Push Assist: Ella’s powerful dual-motor system lets parents tackle uphill battles with ease and it’s smart technology adapts to your walking speed, stays within arms reach, and stops when you stop.

  • Built-In White Noise Machine and GPS: Soothe baby during the ride with a variety of white noise options and volume settings. Is baby out with the nanny or the grandparents? Keep track of baby’s route and location with built-in GPS.

  • Self-Driving Hover Feature: Utilizing AI monitoring and a 360-degree safety bubble Ella can power itself around corners and along paths hands-free. Glüxkind emphasizes that this feature is only to be used when your tot is in need of some pick-me-up cuddles or when the stroller is otherwise unoccupied.

  • Rock-My-Baby: Does your baby sleeps great in the stroller but wakes up as soon as you stop walking? This built-in smooth rocking feature mimics the movement of the stroller and gives you a chance to recharge.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that babies shouldn’t routinely or for long periods of time sleep in strollers, car seats or other inclined surfaces. The safest place for your baby to sleep is on a firm, flat bare surface.

These advanced features have stirred up passionate conversations between parents on the pros and cons of smart baby tech. Several parents expressed their safety concerns with comments like “In my opinion, that’s a bad idea. I would feel safer holding the stroller,” while another added, “What happens when the mechanism to detect a child is in the stroller has a glitch and the stroller drives off with your baby when you’re not looking?”

Other parents lauded the advancements with comments like “This is the future, people! No more struggling to push a stroller around while also holding a baby - now you can just sit back, relax, and let the stroller do all the work” while another parent added, “As parent to a toddling 1-year old who increasingly demands out of the stroller, I could see that actually/weirdly being somewhat useful…That said, no way in hell would I pay $4k for a stroller.”

Despite all of the latest and greatest features, the $3,300 price tag seems to be a pain point for many parents with one joking, “So basically it’s the motorized golf cart, but for kid-less strollers. The golf carts are $1,000 less.” The strollers, which are currently on preorder on the company’s website, are set to be sent out starting in April 2023.

Regardless of all the debate, many see big benefits for accessibility allowing older parents, grandparents and parents with disabilities to have better control over their stroller.

To learn more about the Glüxkind Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller, you can visit In the market for a more affordable option? Browse these top-rated strollers for under $400.

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