The Best Black Friday Deal for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There’s a Black Friday deal out there for everyone—but which is the best for you? Look up your astrological sign and see.
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By Ashlee Neuman, Content Director
Updated November 17, 2020
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If there’s one thing everyone enjoys, it’s getting a good deal—which is why Black Friday has become such an enormously popular event. In fact, the number of annual Black Friday discounts on baby items and gear is so vast and varied, it’s enough to make even the most seasoned shopper sweat. Can’t decide what to add to your cart this Black Friday? We’ve figured it out for you, with a little help from the stars. Here are the best Black Friday deals for every parent and parent-to-be, based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: STEM Toys

Known as the brainiacs of the zodiac, moms and dads born under the Aquarius sign bring a strong sense of intellectualism to parenthood, continually encouraging their child’s development and education. Give your kid a leg up this year with one of the many STEM toys—which teach little ones about science, technology, engineering and math—on sale this Black Friday.

Black Friday deal for you: 30 percent off Learning Resources toys at November 29 and December 1-5. Pictured above: Hide & Seek Learning Treehouse, which strengthens toddlers’ recognition of numbers, shapes and colors.

Pisces: Musical Toys

Pisces parents tend to be creative and musical and encourage artistic endeavors for their kids—so some child-friendly instruments are bound to strike the right chord. With some smart shopping, you and your brood can enjoy a festive family jam session this year.

Black Friday deal for you: 25 percent off kids’ Loog guitars on November 29 through December 1. Pictured above: the Loog Mini, good for kids 3 and up.

Aries: A Car Seat

Aries parents are the most action-oriented of the signs and are constantly on the go. Eager to hop in the car and hit the road? You’ll need a top-notch car seat for your little one before you zoom off. Luckily, several of the most trusted car seat brands are offering awesome deals this Black Friday.

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Black Friday deal for you: 20 percent off all Cybex Gold Line products, including the Aton M, Aton 2, Sirona M and Eternis S car seats, on Amazon and other retailers November 27 through December 2. Pictured above: the Eternis S, the 2019 Best of Baby winner for convertible car seat.

Taurus: Designer Baby Clothes

Nurturing and gentle, Tauruses strive to create soothing environments for their children. They also happen to be the most materialistic sign, and surround their kids with as much affluence as they can afford—which may be more than you think this year, with Black Friday deals on high-end baby clothing abounding.

Black Friday deal for you: Up to 60 percent off on MORI baby clothes and products on November 18 through December 4, with an additional 20 percent off with Kindness Pledge. Pictured above: Little Polar Long Sleeve Bodysuit & Leggings Set in organic cotton.

Gemini: Developmental Toys

Quick-witted and bright, Geminis tend to have thirsty minds and encourage their kids to learn as much as they can. And the best way young children learn is through play! Look for interactive toys that let you join in on the fun.

Black Friday deal for you: 25 to 50 percent off all Skip Hop toys and products on November 28-30. Pictured above: Skip Hop Explore & More Sort & Spin Yeti, which teaches shapes and colors.

Cancer: A Baby Carrier

Nurturing, caring and domestic, Cancers are thought of as the mothers of the zodiac. As a new parent, you’ll no doubt want to cuddle baby close. A baby carrier lets you keep your little one against your heart—and with Nuna’s COVE Aire playard bundle offer, you can also keep them by your bedside overnight.

Black Friday deal for you: $170 off Nuna’s CUDL baby carrier + COVE Aire playard and bedside crib bundle on November 27 through December 16.

Leo: Mommy and Me Outfits

As kings of the jungle, Leos often have big ideas, big hearts and, if we’re being honest, big egos, sometimes verging on narcissistic. Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to satiate that hunger for attention—shop for adorable matching looks that both you and your kiddo can rock.

Black Friday deal for you: 30 percent off TOMS shoes, including matching Mommy and Me options, on November 24 through December 2 using the code THANKFUL. Pictured above: TOMS Glacier Grey Glow in the Dark Print for women and TOMS and Tiny TOMS Birch Glow in the Dark Inca Slippers for toddlers.

Virgo: A Bottle Sterilizer

Virgos appreciate order and cleanliness. Their ultimate foe? Germs—not an easy thing to avoid as a parent. Pick up a trusty baby bottle sterilizer this Black Friday, and with the push of a button, poof, germs be gone.

Black Friday deal for you: Up to 50 percent off Baby Brezza products on November 27 through December 3. Pictured above: the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer.

Libra: Nursery Decor

Libras strive to provide beautiful homes for their children and want them to broaden their horizons, both intellectually and culturally. Where’s a better place to start than in baby’s own room? Little West Street offers gorgeous organic, made-to-order children’s bedding and decor that’ll enliven any nursery.

Black Friday deal for you: 20 percent off Little West Street products on November 25 through December 3 using code BLACKFRI20. Pictured above: the Rockabye Baby Serengeti Organic Crib Gift Hamper, which includes bedding, a giraffe pillow and a pom-pom basket.

Scorpio: Baby Monitor

The most observant of the signs, Scorpios use their eagle-eyes to protect their children—but they see so much that it tends to make them edgy. Put your nerves at ease with a quality baby video monitor, like the award-winning Nanit Plus.

Black Friday deal for you: 20 percent off Nanit products on Amazon and other retailers November 28 through December 2. Pictured above: the Nanit Plus smart baby monitor, which won a 2018 Best of Baby award.

Sagittarius: A Jogging Stroller

Sagittarius parents are super-active and love the great outdoors. Just because you have a baby now doesn’t mean you can’t get after it! With a jogging stroller, you can explore those trails and get your sweat on, all with baby in tow.

Black Friday deal for you: 20 percent off all Thule products on Amazon from November 17 through December 2. Pictured above: the Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, another 2018 Best of Baby winner.

Capricorn: A Skill-Building Toy

Capricorns enjoy spending time around the house–but, hardworking and pragmatic, if they’re going to spend an afternoon at home, they’re going to find something useful to do. Enjoy some family time with DIY projects and hands-on toys that help your kids build practical skills.

Black Friday deal for you: 20 percent off the Hape My Handy Workshop tool box set on Amazon.

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