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10 Ways To Celebrate Your Second Trimester

Welcome to the so-called “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy!

There are so many good things about the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy: You should have more energy, less nausea, and you're not as uncomfortable as you probably will be in the third trimester (sorry). Enjoy it!

1. Go out to breakfast
…Because you can. No more morning sickness means you’ll have the tall stack, thank you very much.

2. Spread the word
If you haven’t told anyone and everyone you’re pregnant, now’s the time. Once you first saw or heard baby’s heartbeat, your miscarriage risk was just 3 percent. And by your 16-week ultrasound, it drops to 1 percent.

3. Plan a creative gender reveal
Finding out whether it’s a boy or girl (usually at the mid-pregnancy ultrasound at 18 to 22 weeks) is really exciting. Some couples plan a gender reveal party, where they cut into a pink or blue cake, release pink or blue balloons, or crack open fortune cookies to reveal baby’s gender.

4. Accept help from strangers
Finally—your bump is showing! Strangers are giving up their seat on the train or offering to carry your groceries. Say yes.

5. Design your nursery
As your energy surges—thanks in part to your hormones starting to stabilize—tackle bigger projects like the nursery. Have fun with colors, bedding styles and furniture shopping.

6. Start your registry (but take your time)
Warning: Picking out adorable baby gear for your list may sound like a blast, but when you get to the rows and rows of diaper pails and car seats, you can get completely stressed out. So take it slow. Plan several short trips to the store, instead of one long one, and give yourself plenty of time to do baby gear research in advance. (Here’s where our  baby gear guide comes in handy.) Finalize your registry by the time baby shower invitations are sent out.

7. Go clothing shopping
A changing body demands a new wardrobe, right? And we’re not talking about frumpy dresses and ugly baggy pants. We’re talking J. Crew and H&M maternity lines. And how about some shoe shopping? Your swollen feet deserve it.

8. Get the classes out of the way
Don’t wait until the last minute to take a childbirth class, a baby care class or a breastfeeding class. Yes, you don’t need to know all this before the very end, but you’ll feel much more confident heading into the third trimester with a preview of what’s in store for you—and the know-how to handle it. (Plus, sitting through an hours-long class will be more bearable now.) Make new mom-to-be friends while you’re there.

9. Have sex
As long as your doctor has given you the a-okay, sex is safe—any point in your pregnancy, really. But, like we said, you’re feeling your best now. And you’re curvy and your boobs are getting bigger. Your partner is probably liking that. Get it girl.

10. Plan a babymoon
Think of a babymoon as your chance to spend some quality time together before baby arrives (and maybe go to a chic non-kid-friendly resort!). Now is the time to go, since you’ll want to take it easier and stay closer to home in the third trimester. Plus, you know #9.

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