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7 Crafts To Decorate Your Nursery

Desperate for DIY craft ideas to personalize baby’s nursery? Look no further.

Graphic Wall Decals

Make your own wall decals with fabric, a pair of scissors and spray starch. Cut the fabric into whatever shapes you want, and attach them to the walls using the spray as an adhesive — don’t freak out about that fresh paint job; they’re easy to remove! _From _ Positively Splendid

Photo: positively splendid

Picture Frames

This one’s easy, we swear. Pick up some picture frames at a craft store and put your favorite artwork, drawings or photos inside them. Arrange them in a big cluster on one of your nursery walls — they’ll create a sophisticated look you can switch up as baby’s tastes change and you need new photos.

Photo: Oh Darling Photography

Homemade Mobile

Yep, you can even DIY baby’s mobile. All you need is a wooden hoop, wooden stars (you can pick these up at the craft store), paint, some ribbon and a key ring. Paint the stars, attach strips of ribbon to the key ring and glue them to the wooden hoop, glue the stars to the ribbon, and hang. From LoveLifeBaby.Blogspot.com

Photo: lovebabylife.blogspot.com

Alphabet Wall Art

Make a cute ABC display. Head to the craft store (again) for some assorted sizes of wooden letters and paint them in different colors and designs. Then put them up on baby’s wall in lines. _From _ Jessica-Kindergartenteacher.blogspot.com

Photo: Jessica-kindergartenteacher.blogspot.com

Swatch Portraits

To make these fabric circles, you need embroidery hoops, fabric, scissors and Elmer’s glue. Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop and glue it along the edge. Then hang the hoops on the wall. Super easy! From Aedriel's Originals

Photo: aedriel originals


You don’t have to be an expert at sewing to create some homemade pillows. Once you choose baby’s bedding, bring it along with you to the fabric store to match the color motif. Cut two pieces of fabric in the shape you want the pillow to be; sew the fabric together, leaving an opening for the stuffing; stuff with cotton; and finish sewing all the edges. You can get some iron-on fabric or appliques to decorate your pillow too. From  Positively Splendid

Photo: Positively Splendid

Crayon Letter

We love this unique take on the traditional initial decoration. Draw baby’s first initial on card stock. Then line up your crayons (you’ll have to cut some of them to fit) and hot-glue them in place. Frame your creation when you’re finished. _From _ TheQuickJourney.blogspot.com

Photo: TheQuickJourney
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