Ireland Baldwin Shares Her Unique Fruit-Themed Nursery

Looking for nursery ideas? Check out Ireland Baldwin’s fun and fruity theme, complete with watermelon and pineapples painted on the walls and plenty of plush fruit friends.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published May 4, 2023

Decorating baby’s nursery can be such a fun but nerve-wracking experience. The nursery is the first room baby will learn to navigate and see and undoubtedly a place where you’ll spend plenty of time. There’s an important mix of finding a theme that’s fun and engaging for baby and soothing and grown-up for you. While there are oodles of options and ideas to scroll through, sometimes popular themes can get a little repetitive, having you wishing for something a little out-of-the-box. Enter Ireland Baldwin’s fruit-filled paradise.

The oldest daughter of Alec Baldwin, Ireland has made headlines for her unconventional baby shower celebrations, unapologetic pregnancy photos and recent bringing baby home fake out. So it’s fitting that the actress’ nursery theme would be a little out of the ordinary. Not one to gatekeep, Baldwin shared images of each inch of her nursery in an Instagram post May 3.

“I had so much fun styling this fruit themed nursery for our little girl!” the proud mom-to-be shared. “@yojaxko killllllllled it with the fruits they painted on the walls!!” she said, referencing the colorful watermelons, pineapples and cherries that appear around the room.

Outside of painting and the furniture building that she left to her partner and recording artist RAC, Baldwin “thrifted so many fruit themed goodies” and furnished the room largely with pieces from her childhood. Proving you can rock a nursery theme on a budget!

The cherry on top of this fruit bonanza—plenty of Jelly Cat fruit plushies that baby will no doubt enjoy playing with when they are older.

Baldwin first announced her pregnancy news on Instagram with photos of her ultrasound and a positive pregnancy test on New Year’s Eve. She also confirmed on the Girlboss Radio podcast earlier this year that she would be naming her baby girl Holland. “I’m Ireland, so another country name because we wanted to keep that consistent,” she chuckled.

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