9 Foolproof Nursery Tips From Experts to Help You Design With Ease

Overwhelmed by all the nursery inspo on Instagram and Pinterest? These expert tips can help.
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Founder YouthfulNest
February 16, 2021
baby nursery with a medium hued wooden crib and blanket draped over the side
Image: Youthful Nest

Congratulations, you are ready to plan your baby nursery! As you dig into all the Instagram and Pinterest inspiration you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. YouthfulNest’s e-design experience guiding parents to make confident product selections is one way they help their clients create rooms where their child will thrive. In this post, Lisa Janvrin shares some of those expert design tips to bring more pleasure to the process of designing your nursery.


Safety is an evergreen (forever) aspect of planning a baby nursery. So many spots for potential hazards less obvious efforts can get overlooked.

  1. Don’t overcrowd your nursery. When our designers create floor plans for clients they carefully place items keeping key traffic paths open. Bumping into these items in the middle of the night can be dangerous for mother and child. Examples of areas to pay special attention to are the doorway to the crib, the crib to the changing table, glider to the crib. To ensure these areas are easy to access. Pick furnishings that are proportional to your size space. One common mistake is selecting too large of a pouf or ottoman for the glider that eats up your walk.
  1. Another safety tip that is often overlooked is to use a non-slip rug pad. A rug pad is not the place to save because it will keep you or other caregivers from slipping, avoiding an accident.
  1. Some design trends are easy to say yes to, like custom neon signs and oversized mirrors. But chords and falling are justified concerns of parents. But have no fear that you will have to go without incorporating these into your nursery. For chords, there are various products that help adhere to loose wiring to walls in an inconspicuous way. When it comes to heavy wall décor like mirrors over the changing table secure them with Command Strips. Test the installation by pulling on the piece yourself. If adhered correctly you won’t be able to move the decor until you need to.


Having the right amount of light in the nursery is everything. The right amount of light will improve a baby’s sleep, increase safety to nighttime care, and bring ease to specific tasks.

  1. Natural light from windows is wonderful but being able to control how much peeks into your nursery is a priority. Curtains and drapes are often seen as décor items, but in the nursery getting them right can be the difference in a child’s ability to get the sleep they require (which affects a parent’s sleep too!). Our designers select blackout window coverings and room darkening curtain rods to eliminate light and layer in style.
  1. Ambient lighting from dimmable overheads or strategically placed motion-sensored lights means less fumbling through the middle of the night. These lower lights also prevent rude awakenings overstimulating mom and baby, making going back to bed difficult.
  1. Task lighting is more commonly considered when planning the nursery, but where and how it works best in the nursery is often unknown. Let’s take the glider area. The typical tasks that occur in this spot are feeding, reading, and well, everything else. Parents find themselves snug in the glider unable to move without waking the baby. Be sure that task lighting is in arm’s reach, where you don’t have to get up to turn off or dim light. Our designers find plug-in wall sconces that can be installed near the glider to be very popular solutions.


No matter what your vision for the overall look and feel of your nursery, some design decisions can be a bit tricky.

  1. One general decorating concern our designers hear often from clients is that product colors “don’t match”. The idea that all the pinks or whites or greens should be the same tone and hue makes for a more cold or sterile feel. Selecting furnishings and décor in varying tones actually creates a warmer, more organic environment. Using a key accent piece like wallpaper or bedding with a multi-colored print is a good jumping-off point for what those colors could be.
  1. The crib is often the one piece for the nursery that a client has very strong style goals about. It’s also the best place to save. With crib safety being standard across brands you don’t need to be so concerned about purchasing lower-priced crib vs. high-end crib. That IKEA crib is as safe as the one from Restoration Hardware. If it’s a question of style vs. budget, say you want RH Baby & Child without the price tag search sites like Wayfair and buybuy Baby for look-alike styles.
  1. Silver, gold, or both? When it comes to deciding on which metal finish to sprinkle throughout a room there are no rules. This is totally a personal preference. While some designs might be elevated by a specific metal color like rose gold, you can work in your metal finish preference into any style. While the trend in the past few years has been gold, mixing metal finishes is coming in strong. This can be a little trickery to do well so one designer tip is spreading out different finishes throughout the room.

Published February 2020

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