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9 Adorable DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

It’s October 1 — only, dum-dum-dum, 30 more days till Halloween. If you’re panicking about what your kids will be wearing to go trick-or-treating, we can help make the whole prospect a little less scary.

If you’re crafty, now’s the perfect time to kick off that DIY costume. The payoff: your baby will have a unique costume and you’ll have eternal parental bragging rights for coming up with such a brilliant idea — and the photos to back it up.  To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up the best creative costumes from Bumpies.

Short on time or energy but but don’t want to settle on another store-bought baby Frankenstein outfit? Etsy can meet you halfway with more adorable, creative costumes.

Think you should be included in this roundup? Let us know! Share your baby’s Halloween photos on Instagram with #TBHalloweenDIY.

Photo: Photo by LoveAlwaysRM via Instagram
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