Laser Skin Treatment During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to have a laser skin treatment during pregnancy?
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ByMelissa Schweiger and Annette Rubin
Mar 2017
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No, it isn’t. By now you’ve realized that your body responds to a lot of things differently since you’re pregnant. And while you’re expecting, getting a laser treatment (for your skin or for hair removal) could actually lead to a permanent  discoloration of the skin. So for now, just stick to a basic facial.

Also remember that laser treatments can be very painful, and many believe that pain and stress can affect a mom-to-be’s growing baby in a negative way. Research shows that  stress during pregnancy has been connected to ADHD and, in severe cases, miscarriagepremature delivery and low birth weight. So you might want to skip that Brazilian bikini wax too. Just in case.

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