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Top 10 Strollers

Our top 10 strollers picks — and why you'll be itching to test-drive them.

Shopping for baby's stroller can be almost as complicated as shopping for a car. There's a lot to consider: brake systems, cup holders, safety harnesses, comfort, weight, ease of folding, durability...not to mention the cuteness factor. We’ve updated our must-have list to give you the scoop on the latest and greatest rides for baby.

Bugaboo Cameleon
The queen bee of all high-end, urban strollers, the Cameleon has a trendy design and cool features like a suspension system, an adjustable handlebar and a variety of color combinations to choose from. The catch: It doesn’t come cheap, but the fact that it serves so many different functions — a newborn carriage, car-seat stroller, toddler stroller, beach walker and carry-cot — might just make it worth the splurge. $880,

Phil & Teds Vibe
The best feature on this New Zealand company’s chic and urban Vibe stroller is the add-on doubles kit that can attach to either the front or back of the stroller for use as a single, a newborn/toddler stroller or a toddler/toddler stroller. It’s stylish, comfortable and safe with an ergonomic handle, a follow-the-sun hood design to add protection for any direction of travel, a one-touch brake and a washable seat pad. $700,

Quinny Buzz
This mod European ride took American urbanites by storm when it hit the US market in 2007 — and it’s still going strong. It’s modern, it offers a smooth ride for baby, and it turns like a dream. At around 28 pounds, the Buzz 4 isn’t your best bet for traveling, but the great maneuverability and compact fold make it a big winner in crowded spaces. (It’ll be a hit on the playground, too, where masses of moms will stare at your bright, trendy neoprene seat in awe.) $550,

Mountain Buggy Urban Single
Come rain, snow or rocky path, the Mountain Buggy’s got you covered. When you hit a change of surface, the air-filled tires just keep on moving — without jostling baby too much. It’s a soft, easy ride indoors or outdoors, and the design makes for a simple (and surprisingly compact) fold. Whether you’re a mountain mama or a city mommy, the Urban Jungle will fit all your needs. $500,

Orbit Infant System
We know, it may seem pricey. But trust us: Spring for an Orbit and you won't be disappointed. This is the stroller to buy for the mama who's on-the-go. One-handed fold? Check. A 360-degree carrier rotation? Check. You'll also love the StrongArm technology, which makes it a breeze to transition your carrier into a car seat. But our favorite part about the Orbit? The base on the infant seat also fits the toddler seat — making it a total steal in the end, since you won't have to buy a whole new stroller once you've got a tot on your hands. Genius. $900,

Bumbleride Flyer
While not exactly cheap, the Bumbleride Flyer is a less expensive option that still provides the durability and many of the cool features you'd find in much more pricey models. There are five cute colors to choose from, the seating is plush (and machine-washable!), and the stroller switches from rear- to forward-facing with a simple shift of the handle. $370,

Britax B-Agile
This stroller is perfect for grocery runs with baby — you can fold it completely flat and lock it in place with one hand. Busy moms will love its lightweight design and ample storage space. $250, mass retail and juvenile specialty stores

Maclaren Triumph
A must for families who will be popping their stroller into lots of trunks and coat closets, the Maclaren Triumph is durable, lightweight and folds up small and simple (with one hand!). Personalize yours by selecting from the variety of bright colors available. The Triumph is effortless and practical without sacrificing style. About $180,

BOB Revolution Duallie
Finally — a double stroller that fits through doorframes, pushes evenly with just one passenger and works smoothly both in the mall and on the jogging trail! You’ll have to purchase accessories (like the weather shield and car-seat adapter) separately, but all in all, the Revolution is an ideal pick for active families. $659,

Baby Jogger Summit XC
This stroller/jogger hybrid is great for moms who love to hit the streets or trails! Take your kid for a spin while staying in shape with this smooth ride that fits kids up to 75 pounds (really!). The ergonomic handlebar adds comfort for mom, and the lockable swivel front wheel makes it easy to navigate any obstacle while you’re jogging. Best of all, it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to heave in and out of the trunk. $400,

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**updated 7/15/2011