Q&A: Will Our Sex Life Be Affected if My Husband Looks Down There During Delivery?

Will our sex life be affected if my husband looks down there during delivery?
ByShoshana Bennett, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
January 30, 2017
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It’s a possibility, but probably not. Yes, it can be strange for some husbands when body parts once reserved for sexy time suddenly are used to bring baby into the world. Sure, once he sees some blood and eventually a whole human pop out of your body, his perception of it could shift—temporarily. But we don’t think you have anything to worry about, since we know plenty of dads who witnessed their babies’ birth, and their libidos haven’t slowed.

Remember that you shouldn’t have sex until about four to six weeks after birth to give your uterus and cervix time to heal. We think your guy will get over the non-sexiness he saw in the hospital by then. In the rare case he doesn’t—and it persists—we suggest seeing a counselor or therapist.

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