Updated May 22, 2022

Judaism, as the oldest monotheistic religion, has accrued millions of followers! If baby will be an addition to this centuries-old religion, giving them a Jewish baby name would be a step that just makes sense! Jewish baby girl and boy names are here for the taking and will help you and baby celebrate your faith every day.

Between the Tanakh and you to guide baby throughout life, their name gets to be the sweet icing on the cake of their faith. A traditional name from the centuries-old practice of Judaism will be a daily reminder to baby of where they’re from and the pillars of their religion. Having had 4,000 years for Judaism to curate the core values for every Jew, baby has a lot to catch up on. But with a name kicking off that journey of discovery, they could be leading Shabbat in no time.

Jewish baby names have a wide range of choices, plucked throughout the centuries! From Bathsheba and Absalom to Jaala and Tamar, baby can have a name that harkens back to all their family traditions while still being the most unique kid on the playground. Jewish names are a celebration, commemoration, and instruction all in one! Taking the lessons from the notable figures of the Torah, they can teach baby what kind of life they can lead if they dedicate themselves to it.

The Jewish people are the embodiment of strength and perseverance. With the history of Judaism in tow and all of the teachings to then give to baby, it can feel like a heady task. But if you’re not sure where to start, a name from your lessons learned could start baby’s journey perfectly. Imparting all of your deepest well-wishes and hopes for baby can be done with just a few letters and will remain a reminder every day.

Jewish Baby Names