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Best Travel Gear For Baby’s First Trip

Looking for sanity-saving gear that will make traveling with baby a little less daunting? From lightweight strollers to on-the-go changing accessories, these gadgets will get you through anything.
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Babyproofing Kit

Make your hotel, motel, vacation condo or grandma’s house safe for baby to play in. The Travel-Tot kit comes with a finger pinch guard, electrical outlet plug covers, foam corner guards, a door knob cover, a cord wind-up, a sliding door lock, cabinet locks, multi-purpose straps, a water thermometer, bandages, a thermometer, and, perhaps most importantly, a cute toddler-themed Do Not Disturb hanger., $35


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Changing Kit

You’ll never dread on-the-go diaper duty again! The ChangeAway! Portable Changing Kit unfolds into a waterproof, fully padded extra-long changing pad, with large mesh pockets to stash diapers and wipes, and an attached clear plastic pocket for easy storage. It even attaches to your stroller — how’s that for stress free?, $8


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Travel Crib

It’s an investment, but something this functional is too good to pass up. Great for overnights at grandma’s or a week’s vacation at Disney (hey, we can dream, right?), the BabyBjorn Travel Crib 2 Light weighs only 11 pounds and sets up in one easy movement. Yep, you read that right: Just lift up the spokes and you’re good to go., $300


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Luxe Baby Warmer

No added frills here! The JJ Cole Bundle Me zippers into baby’s stroller, car seat or jogger so he stays warm and cozy, no matter what the weather., $40


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Diaper Bag Dispenser

Every mom dreads the moment she’s caught without a diaper disposal bag for one of baby’s blowouts — but if you use the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags, you’ll never fear another dirty diaper. (Okay, you probably will, but at least you’ll never have to stress getting rid of it!)., $5


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Easy Car Seat Transport

How’s this for cool: With the Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter, your car seat transforms into a stroller with easy-to-push wheels. That way, you don’t have to juggle baby, a car seat and luggage through airport security., $70



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Travel Mat

The travel mat from NaturalMat is made chemical-free from 100 percent lambswool and comes with a breathable overlay, so even if you’re cooped up in a stuffy hotel room for a night, baby can still get the rest he needs. It also comes with an over-the-shoulder carry-case, so you can keep it stashed with your luggage. NaturalMat.Co.Uk, $68


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Lightweight Stroller

Traveling with the Contours Lite makes getting around easy. A large below-stroller basket means you can store more stuff and the front swivel wheels make it easy for you and baby to take in all the sites. Plus, at under $100, it’s a bargain!, $80


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A Weekender Bag

Need a bag that’s big enough for baby’s overnight stuff? We love the Kate Spade Saturday Weekender Bag not only for its color, but also for its roomy interior. You can keep spare bottles in the pockets and still have enough room for a change of clothes for you — along with several for baby!, $170


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Tie-Chair Traveling Chair

No way you’re lugging a high chair all the way to grandma’s! With the Tie-Chair, you can securely snuggle baby into any chair, and when you’re done, just fold and stash. It’s easy to wash and even easier to use., $47


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Food and Formula Storage

You can store just about anything in these Inno Baby Packin’ Smart Snack-n-Seal Sets — even formula and water! Just make sure you lock the lid in tight to keep from spilling., $9


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Travel Bath Gear

A compact gift set loaded with all the essentials, Aveeno’s Baby Bath kit is great for traveling – and it works for baby, you and your partner, which makes packing a breeze! We recommend keeping it stashed in your overnight bag at all times, so you never leave home without it., $20

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By Kylie McConville