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10 Too-Cute Halloween Costumes

Halloween used to be a toss-up between scary and scandalous, but now that you’ve got a little one, it’s downright adorable. Here are this year’s best ideas.
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Roger the Rocket Ship Costume

Okay, he might not look ready for takeoff, but space travel really tuckers you out. $41,


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Lovely Lamb Costume

It doesn’t get much cuter than a little lamb. You’ll want to save this one for the Christmas pageant! $40,


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Tiny Tentacles Costume

What has 10 arms and is more adorable than ever? Baby in an octopus costume! $55,


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Boxer Costume

Your million-dollar baby will go down swinging for the best candy on the block. $27,


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Little Red Riding Hood Costume

You know none of these goodies are going to grandma. $20,


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Doctor Costume

You’re going to need a camera, stat. $23,


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Little Owl Costume

With a 7 o’clock bedtime, she’s probably no night owl. But Halloween is all about pretending, right?  $24,


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Princess Elsa Costume

She's been belting "Let It Go" for months now, so your little girl definitely deserves the chance to be Elsa – at least for a night. $35,


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Loveable Lion Costume

He might not be the most intimidating lion, but he’s still king of your jungle. $27,


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Little Frankenstein Costume

Props to you for creating this little monster. $19,


By Kylie McConville