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Most Ridiculous Halloween Costumes For Baby

Shopping for an awesomely cute or hilarious Halloween costume for your tot is pretty much the best part of the holiday, aside from all that guilt-free chocolate eating. But it ain't all ladybugs and witch costumes out there. Get ready for some of the weirdest, most random, and borderline creepy baby costumes we've stumbled upon yet. Enjoy.
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1. Gangsta' Baby

Gangster Toddler Costume

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2. Baby Gaga

Baby Lady Gaga Costume

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3. Car Freshener Baby

Baby Car Freshener Costume

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3. Woopie Cushion Baby

Woopie Cushion Baby Bunting Costume

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5. Billion Dollar Baby

Baby Billion Dollar Costume

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6. Muscle Man

Baby Muscle Man Costume

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7. Baby Sundae

Baby Waffle Cone Bunting Costume

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8. Baby Hot Dog

Baby Hot Dog Costume

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9. Heavy Metal Babe

KISS band costume

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10. Baby Turkey

Martha Stewart Roasted Turkey Costume

By Kaitlin Stanford