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Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by the Winter Chill!

No way around it — it’s pretty frigid out there. And while winter is typically the month that we spend cuddled up on the couch hoping for warmer weather, it’s also one of the best season’s for baby naming inspiration! Tons of beautiful, peaceful, serene and winter-white themed monikers stem from the chilly cold and we’ve rounded up all the white hot names you need to know about!

Neve - Latin for “snow”

Aster - Greek for “star”

Paloma - Spanish for “dove”

Primrose - means “first rose”, also inspired by the Hunger Games and the winter plant


Whittaker - English for “white field” (we love the nickname Whit!)

Gwenyth - Welsh for “white”

Scarlett - means red, inspired by the January birthstone


Colden - inspired by the chilly temperatures


Valentine - inspired by the holiday


Branch - inspired by the state of the trees


Jay - inspired by the Blue Jay, a winter bird

Wren - inspired by the Carolina Wren, a winter bird

Orchid - winter plant

Sparrow - inspired by the Fox Sparrow, a winter bird

Hazel - inspired by the beautiful winter plant, Witch Hazel

Jasmine -inspired by the winter plant, Jasmine

Garnet - inspired by the January birthstone

Robin - inspired by the American Robin, a winter bird

Any other names inspired by the season?

Photo: Edward Dobrozhinetsky / The Bump
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