15 Kids’ Umbrellas That’ll Have You Covered on Rainy Days

Because it’s way too hard to corral them under your own.
ByEmily Platt
Associate Editor
Aug 2020
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You’ve bought your child a raincoat and some adorable rain boots to match, but there’s one more downpour defense item you need to keep them dry: a kids’ umbrella. The best children’s umbrellas are easy to maneuver but still big enough to keep them covered. You’ll also want one they’re excited to hold, because let’s be honest, it otherwise won’t do much good. Look for a product with a fun design they’ll be proud to trot around town with. They’ll also take better care of (read: be less likely to misplace) gear they love.

Whatever big kid or toddler umbrella you choose, spend some time explaining proper umbrella etiquette to your child. That includes everything from how to open and close the accessory to how to safely navigate the streets under its shade. It’ll give them the confidence to use it when you’re not around, and it’ll also teach them manners others will surely appreciate. (No one wants to get poked in the eye with an umbrella tip.) Here, find 15 adorable, functional kids’ umbrellas we stand behind—and your little one will love standing under.

Photo: Courtesy FCTRY

FCTRY Hipsterkid Umbrella in Lemon

This umbrella claims to be “pinch-proof” and “poke-proof” thanks to its buttonless release and rounded tips. Plus, we’re obsessed with the cheerful lemon design.

Buy it: $20, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy JoJo Maman Bébé

JoJo Maman Bébé Color Change Umbrella in Woodland

This sweet kids’ umbrella was made with little hands (and eyes) in mind. The creative hedgehog pattern starts off white, but once the accessory gets wet, surprise! The critters come to life in color.

Buy it: $19, JoJoMamanBebe.com

Photo: Courtesy Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrella

These playful umbrellas come in amazing 3D designs, including a shark print with a pop-up fin and a mermaid one with a standup crown. The curved handle is comfortable to grasp and a breeze to hang when not in use.

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Buy it: $17, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Hunter

Hunter Kids Original Moustache Bubble Umbrella

This trusted rain gear brand makes stylish children’s umbrellas. The kids’ bubble umbrella is clear on top for increased visibility and rimmed with a bright color of your choice.

Buy it: $35, Zappos.com

Photo: Courtesy Jonny's Sister

Jonny’s Sister Personalized Children’s Umbrella

It’s harder to lose a kids’ umbrella when it’s customized! Get your child’s name printed on this pretty floral parasol so if they leave it at school, their teacher will know whose it is.

Buy it: $24, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Umbrella for Kids

Melissa & Doug sells more than awesome toys. The brand also carries cute kids’ umbrellas, like this affordable, durable one with excellent Amazon reviews.

Buy it: $10, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Spaced Things That Go Fast Kids Umbrella

Opt for a pattern that really speaks to your child’s interests. This kids’ bubble umbrella is great for three reasons: The transparent upper lets children see where they’re going, the birdcage shape keeps them extra-covered and the transportation-themed pattern will fascinate plane, train and automobile lovers.

Buy it: $26, CathKidston.com

Photo: Courtesy Western Chief

Western Chief Kids F.D.U.S.A. Firechief Umbrella

Meanwhile, this adorable firefighter-themed kids’ umbrella goes perfectly with one of our favorite toddler rain jackets! It’s ideal for the child obsessed with firefighters.

Buy it: $16, Zappos.com

Photo: Courtesy Cat & Jack

Cat & Jack Color Block Stick Umbrella

Look on the brightside with this rainbow kids’ umbrella, featuring colorful panels and a glitter-filled, rounded handle. How’s that for a fun design?

Buy it: $10, Target.com

Photo: Courtesy Holly & Beau

Holly & Beau Kids Cats and Dogs Color Changing Umbrella

We’re seriously impressed with color-changing kids’ umbrellas—so much so that we’ve included more than one. This accessory slides open and closed for ease of use. Better yet, it gives a playful nod to the idiom “it’s raining cats and dogs.”

Buy it: $22, HollyandBeau.com

Photo: Courtesy Kidorable

Kidorable Dinosaur Umbrella

3D children’s umbrellas have also stolen our hearts. Here’s another option, this time in the likeness of a dinosaur. The kids’ or toddler umbrella has capped tips to prevent injury, plus a Velcro strap so they can close it up in a snap.

Buy it: $18, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Totes

Totes Kid’s Clear Bubble Umbrella with Easy Grip Handle

Can’t get enough of kids’ bubble umbrellas? Consider this spotted one by beloved umbrella brand Totes. It’s lightweight, has an extended canopy and is recommended for toddlers and big kids alike.

Buy it: $15, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Hipsterkid

Hipsterkid Holo Kids Umbrella

This brand’s so nice we’ve featured them twice. Seriously, who can get enough of their fresh, fun umbrella designs? This iridescent accessory sheds a mesmerizing shadow, making storms feel a little more magical.

Buy it: $30, Hipsterkid.com

Photo: Courtesy Skip Hop

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella in Brooklyn Bee

This toddler umbrella is perfectly child-sized, and we love the friendly 3D bee design. But our favorite feature is the “peek-a-boo” window that your child can see through.

Buy it: $23, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Hatley

Hatley Kids Unicorn Doodles Umbrella

Last but not least, check out this wonderful kids’ umbrella featuring an ultra-whimsical print of unicorns, hearts, stars and more. Like many of the best children’s umbrellas, it changes color in the rain.

Buy it: $20, Zappos.comPublished March 2019

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