We Love These Enchanting Disney Movie-Inspired Baby Names

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ByIvy Jacobson
Associate Editor, The Knot
May 2020
magic kingdom at disney world with the castle and fireworks
Photo: Mariah Wild / Disney

There’s nothing like a new Disney movie opening to remind us how much we love those timeless flicks. (But maybe you don’t need to be reminded if you’re one of those lucky parents who get to watch Frozen every day!)

Even though Maleficent  probably isn’t the best movie choice for your infant to watch, we rounded up 22 baby names inspired by Disney movies:

Girls’ Names:

Alice — inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Ariel — inspired by The Little Mermaid

Arista — inspired by The Little Mermaid

Aurora — inspired by_ Sleeping Beauty_

Belle — inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Celia — inspired by Monsters, Inc.

Cleo — inspired by Pinocchio

Daisy — inspired by Daisy Duck

Jasmine — inspired by Aladdin

Jessie — inspired by Toy Story 2

Nala — inspired by_ The Lion King_

Tiana — inspired by Princess and the Frog

Boys’ Names:

Andy — inspired by Toy Story

Chip — inspired by Chip ‘n’ Dale

Christopher — inspired by Winnie the Pooh

Dashiell — inspired by The Incredibles

Eric — inspired by The Little Mermaid

Finn — inspired by Cars 2

Flynn — inspired by Tangled

Kristoff — inspired by Frozen

Max — inspired by Cars 2

Rex — inspired by Toy Story

Sebastian — inspired by The Little Mermaid

Watch, Popular Unisex Baby Names:

What’s your favorite of these Disney movie-inspired baby names?

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