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Think you might be going into labor? Keep track of your contractions with our easy-to-use Contraction Counter. Click the "start timing" button or press your return key when your contraction begins and again when your contraction ends — we'll take care of the rest.

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Labor and delivery info

Q: What are signs that I'm going into labor?

You've been anticipating this moment for the last nine months; no wonder you're worried about missing the early signs. So how to be sure it's time to grab the overnight bag and head to the hospital? Look for these signs of imminent labor...

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Q: What should I really pack my hospital bag? I've seen tons of lists, but they are all so long -- I doubt I'll need half that stuff.

Forget all those other (excessive) checklists -- this is the only one you'll need, we promise. Have your bags (one for you, one for baby)...

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Q: Do I need to bring a birth plan to the hospital? What should be in it?

While much of what happens during delivery is way beyond your (or anyone's!) control, creating a birth plan will at least make your wishes clear. Definitely talk the plan over with your doc...

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Use our ovulation calculator to find your most fertile days and the best time to try to conceive. Enter the first day of your last menstrual period and your average cycle length, then hit submit. Our ovulation calendar will show your estimated ovulation date in dark green, and other top fertility times in light green. Use the information from our ovulation predictor along with other signs of ovulation like basal body temperature, cervical mucus, dilation and firmness, and cervix position. (Check out our printable fertility chart for help tracking all those variables -- it can get pretty complicated, we know.) Then, check out our comprehensive guide to ovulation and fertility to help you navigate the entire process and answer all your questions. We have tips for how to increase your fertility, ideas for keeping sex fun while you're trying to conceive, ways to deal with any frustration you might experience in your relationship during the process, and help navigating the often overwhelming world of fertility tests once you think you might be pregnant. Don't forget to visit our community message boards to get support and encouragement from your fellow Bumpies -- the best people to talk with tend to be those going through the same process as you. Best of luck on your journey!

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