6 Lifesavers I Couldn’t Get Through Pregnancy Without

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January 30, 2017
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Everyone’s pregnancy is different. I happened to have a pretty damn great pregnancy. I had minimal nausea, no puking, normal weight gain — I really don’t have any major complaints! But I’ve also had my terrible mood swings, bad gas, aches and pains in my back and legs (hello charlie horses!), and food aversions, but don’t we all have our ups and downs throughout 40 freaking weeks?

The next six items are basically what carried me through until now (thank goodness!):

1. Basq Fresh Resilient Body Oil (Eucalyptus Spa). This fresh scent made me swoon! My husband and I had a nightly ritual where he rubbed my belly and talked to our baby girl. It was a nice little massage, great bonding time, and definitely relaxed me after a long day. It was my secret weapon to a good night’s sleep. We would slather it on and I was asleep within 15 minutes! Plus, all those essential oils saved me from stretch marks. Yessss!

2. Belly Support. There are so many brands out there ( BellaBand, Be Band, Belly Band), but long story short this little wardrobe extender really stretched (literally!) my wardrobe up until the end of my pregnancy. If there is one piece of maternity wear you should invest in — it’s one of these handy things!

3. Sparkling Water. I’ve never been a big pop drinker, but I cut out caffeinated drinks during my pregnancy (my choice!). So I needed something to switch up my plain ole water, because let’s be honest, that got really boring, really fast. I made a lot of fruit infused water (Aqua Fresca), but what really saved me was sparking water (San Pelligrino, La Croix). I loved the bubbles and variety of flavors and made my sipping a little more interesting. Yummy!

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4. My Chiropractor and Yoga. So remember those aches and pains we spoke about? Well right around 25 weeks, I started to see a chiropractor. It was the best decision to help me get through the terrible ligament pain, lower back pain and my hip issues. I also kept up with yoga and Pilates moves to keep my core strong and flexibility up. I’d be a liar to say that I worked out avidly throughout my pregnancy, but I did try and do some activity daily whether it was stretching, yoga and a power walk.

5. Snoogle. For Mother’s Day, my Mom bought me a body pillow that provides comfort and support when and where it’s needed. The interior forms to your body supporting your back and tummy, allowing you to rest in many different positions. Sometimes I even caught my husband curling up with it!

6. My… Toys. Okay, while I’m sure most people wouldn’t admit this, I am an open book! My sex drive was a roller coaster throughout my pregnancy. During my first trimester I wanted nothing to do with sex; the one thing that got me into this “situation” was the one thing I wanted nothing to do with! But things practically changed overnight in my second trimester — and I couldn’t get enough. So, my battery operated boyfriend (aka Bob) was my lifesaver. Of course, my husband was around too, but sometimes you just want to be solo.

So, that’s my list and I’m sticking to it. These six items were my lifesavers during the last 39 1/2 weeks.

What topped your list during your pregnancy?

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