Adorably Sweet Baby Growth Tracking Ideas From Two Moms

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ByCatey Condit
Mar 2017
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We love babies, obviously, but we got really excited when we saw these month-by-month baby photos inundating our newsfeeds. Two moms found two very refreshing — and very different — approaches to tracking baby’s growth.

The first is BennyFeed, one mom’s Tumblr complete with “Hey Girl” memes and life hacks inspired by baby Ben. The best part? She created a quilt mirrored after the BuzzFeed layout, and photographed Ben on the quilt with a new headline each month. From “5 Insanely Awesome Baby Ben Hacks That Will Change Your Life and Maybe Bring About World Peace” at two months to “Ben On Instagram Vs. Ben In Reality” at 4 months, this mom is on-point with her BuzzFeed SEO.

Photo: BennyFeed


So that’s Option A: the witty approach. And Option B? The inspiring approach.

Jelena Knoss was sitting outside of Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery when she received the phone call confirming that her daughter Viena had Down Syndrome and a heart defect. “[I] thought to myself, ‘I am never going to eat a Sprinkles Cupcake again’ as I thought that was the worst day of my life,” she wrote in an email posted on Sprinkles’s Facebook page. After Viena underwent open heart surgery, the proud mom realized she was blessed. “I wanted to capture her life as a celebration, and I thought how cute it would be to take a photo of her next to a cupcake each month to shwo how much she’s grown!” Sprinkles for the win. How sweet is that?


How did you document baby’s month-by-month growth?

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