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Q&A: Baby Doesn't Want Solids?

My six-month-old still doesn't seem interested in solids. Is it okay to keep breastfeeding exclusively?

Yes, it’s fine. There’s no reason to push solids. If baby is breastfeeding well, his calorie and nutrient intake should be enough for the moment.

However, watch out for your baby’s signs that he is ready to eat solids. Sometimes parents miss these. They will be easier to catch if your baby is at meals with you. If he is starting to reach for food, he is probably ready. Give it to him. You don’t have to give “special” baby foods. Babies this age want to be part of what you are doing. So, except for some very slippery, round foods, your baby can eat what you eat. Put the food in front of him and let him eat, or not.

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