Q&A: Best Bump Watching Method?

Why all the interest in bumps and bellies these days? What's the best way to track your tummy as it grows?
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Updated January 30, 2017
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This question actually comes from us, to you. We’ve seen tons of talk about Bump Watching on the boards lately, and we want to know more! Here’s what you had to say…

“I try to take weekly pictures of my belly so that I can compare the changes later. For me, it’s because I’ve always tried to have a flatter stomach (although I never really succeeded!) and now I finally have the freedom to flaunt my bump! And I think it’s just human interested to see how other women look pregnant.” -stef_g

“I’m excited to look pregnant and not just bloated and gross. It’s just exciting because for so long, almost the whole first trimester, I haven’t really felt pregnant and it would be nice to see some of it actually show.” -Tnkrbl21

“I track my growth by using a tape measure around my waist. For keepsakes and scrapbooking I love the idea of taking weekly pictures and making a flip book out of it. Bumps and bellies are interesting because it’s the only time in your life that a lumpy belly is a good thing. Plus the baby bumps are so cute and can bring a smile to most anyone’s face. Also, I used to think my belly wasn’t growing very much. But the tape measure said I had increased 11 inches! My husband suggested it was because my boobs had gotten so big (38HH) and he was right! When I lifted my boobs out of the picture, you could really tell how much bigger my belly was.” -Isalisa

“I just stand against the same wall every week or two and have my hubby take pictures. I try to crop them so they’re all a similar size/zoom level. Sometimes I’ve gone a month, but now I’ll start taking them every week for sure. I’m a digital photo junky — you could make a video and show the evolution. At first (with your first pregnancy) you always think you’re so huge, so documenting the hugeness is part of it. It’s mostly just cool to see the evolution. And cool, but a bit sad, to see what I used to look like!” -littlecindy

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“I’ll be happy when I don’t just look bloated, but more like an expectant mother. We’ve both been keeping track of my belly by taking a pic every week and putting it into a book we found called ‘The Belly Book.’ I love it! It’s like a baby book for your pregnancy!” -Dayzy

“I’ll be happy when it’s a full bump and not just looking like a chubby belly. So I get excited when it’s getting rounder and looking more like a baby bump.” -Dana-n-Dan

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